Top Daily Deals eCommerce Software 2022

Discount is one such thing that fascinates every single person across the globe. An enormous segment of consumers uses discount coupons when shopping. A few years ago, people cut out the coupons from the newspapers and magazines, but as times are evolving, these coupons have moved online. Discount coupons are now available on websites and mobile apps, easily accessible.

And that is exactly why deals websites have become so popular in the recent few years. Not only do these websites save money for the shoppers, but they also accumulate all the coupons in one single place, saving shoppers’ time. Moreover, customers do not need to browse the internet to search for the latest deals.

If you are also planning to start a deal website in 2022, this article is for you. We have researched and compiled a list of the top deals website builders to help you lessen the burden. But before that, let’s discuss a few other essential things to know before starting a daily deals website.

Why Build a Daily Deal Website

  • Launching a daily deal website is quite affordable. All you need is a website where you can offer deals. Furthermore, the programs to offer discounts are free to join, which means there is no monetary investment.
  • Setting up a coupon website is easy and quick. You can either choose WordPress and set up your website in a few hours, or you can go for readymade solutions if you wish to build a coupon website with specific features.
  • Another reason to build a daily deal website is that operating a coupon website is incredibly flexible. Whether you are working from home, pursuing a job, traveling the world, or raising your children, you can easily run this website.
  • Running a coupon website can help you make and save lots of money. You can make money even while you sleep and save money while shopping as you have all the coupons with yourself.
  • Last but not least, finding potential customers for a coupon website is not difficult as everyone likes to save money.

Which Type of Daily Deal Website to Build

Moving forward, let’s discuss the types of daily deal websites and understand their features to decide the website to be made.

Electronic Coupons Websites

These are the websites with discount coupons from different retailers. Shoppers download the coupon and show it at the time of billing to avail the discount. Revenue of these websites is earned from a percentage of the coupon deal. Popular electronic coupon websites are CouponClippers and Cellfire.

Daily Deal Websites

These websites offer huge discounts of up to 50% or even more. But the catch is that the discount lasts for a limited time or till the stock lasts. The profit to the website comes from the big revenue cuts taken from the deal. The popular websites falling tinder this category are Groupon and Eversave.

Referral and Aggregate Websites

The websites that have aggregate links to the other retailers and coupon websites offer the best deals and discounts. These websites may also have product overviews, comparisons, and reviews to help shoppers get the best of deals. Popular names in this category are ReadAloudRevival and Tom’s Guide.

Cashback Websites

The cashback trend started a few years ago, and today almost every shopper avails the cashback and gets a percentage (1%-5%) returned from their purchase amount. The seller generates the revenue as a commission from which they share a part with the shopper. The current leaders in this category are Ebates and EvoShare.

Contests and Giveaway Aggregator Websites

Websites that aggregate all the ongoing giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes and offer their link on their website. The revenue of these websites is from the commission from the retailers, and they, in return, get a chance to advertise their brand and attract new customers. Popular examples include ContestChest and ContestGirl.

Discounted Gift Cards Websites

The websites that accumulate the best ongoing gift card deals and sell on their platform are the discounted gift card websites. They offer online as well as physical gift cards to the shoppers. Discounted gift cards websites are Cardpool and GiftCardGranny.

How to Make Money With a Daily Deal Website

Well, monetizing a business is of the utmost importance before starting any business. Below given are the popular ways to monetize a daily deal website.

  • The website can earn a share from the sellers for every deal done.
  • Websites can offer subscriptions for the sellers to list their deals and discounts on the website.
  • Prime membership for the buyers to access exclusive deals.
  • Websites can join the affiliate programs of brands/sellers for extra commission.

Choosing the Right Daily Deal Website Builder

Top Daily Deals Website Builders 2022

The right daily deal website builder lets you build a website that caters to this business’s needs without breaking the bank and compromising on quality. There are many daily deal website builders available in the market; however, choosing the right one is essential if you plan on growing your business significantly.

We have curated a list of top daily deal website builders to help you make the right decision. Have a look.


Yo!Deals is a white label solution to build a daily deals website. The solution is 100% customizable, flexible, secure, and comes with unique features that can help business owners compete with businesses like Groupon and LivingSocial. The software has easy deals management, a flexible design interface, multi-vendor functionality, and many more to make sure you build a feature-rich website.

Building a website using Yo!Deals can enable you to run your business on a daily deals model, promote discount vouchers, sell flash deals online, and earn income from merchants for all deals and products sold. In short, Yo!Deals claims that its features outclass all the other daily deals website builders.

Daily Deals Builder

Daily Deals Builder is a daily deal and coupon software to launch deals programs and serve major corporations, radio, TV, and print broadcasting companies. The software is responsive, robust, and has design elements that can convert website visitors to website buyers. The software has enterprise and marketing features that allow business owners to grow revenue and subscribers.

The software also has multiple integrations to enhance its capabilities. The software also claims to have all the features and functionalities which are expected from a deals and coupons platform.


oOrjit is a customizable software to build and launch a daily deal platform. The software has already helped businesses in several verticals such as travel, retail, FMCG, Food & Beverage, banking provision exclusive deals to their loyal customers and foster better revenue. The software consists of comprehensive features like a sales rep module, slot management, content management, articles, hyper-local deals, maps to power your deals website.

The adaptability and scalability to any change in the market, oOrjit will enable you to stay in the competition. The outstanding and malleable framework of the software can help you dodge the upcoming challenges.


Getsocio is a software that can be used for starting a group buying or daily deals website free of cost. It has a pay-as-you-go feature which makes it easy to start your daily deals business. This readymade and self-hosted software does not need the chaos of getting a server or developers.

Instead, business owners can focus on the actual business challenges like getting good deals and coupons for the buyers. The team at Getsocio integrates as many ideas as possible into the software to make it flexible enough to fit any business. Marketing features like email marketing and free deals encourage people to use the platform as much as possible.

iScripts Daily Deals

iScripts Daily Deals is a readymade online deals software that allows running unlimited deals and offers online. The powerful yet simple framework of the software makes the operations of the website extremely easy. The integration of social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter helps business owners to market their websites.

The software also comes pre-integrated with a marketing module to enhance the reach of your website and eventually more customers. The software allows the website owner to have full control over the entire operations of the website like managing campaigns, coupons, payments, generating reports, and many more.

Over to you

The daily deal trends are here to stay, a win-win situation for the customers and business owners. Whether a startup aggregate deals across the market or an established industry enterprise, deals are a sure-fire channel to drive consumers to your website. The effective ways to get started include creating value for the customers and merchants you are working with.

Have a fun and easy-to-navigate website that offers deals in a concise and organized way. Focus on becoming a valuable resource of this market, and you will be the next leader in the industry.

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How to Start Daily Deal or Discount Coupons Website

Once, a wise man said, “Saving on something is good but saving on everything is better.” Also, psychology says that a customer feels better when he/she saves money while shopping.

And this is what daily deal websites do. The platform gives coupon codes and special discounts offered by the local businesses.

As you decided to go with this business, you need a step-by-step guide to successfully start the daily deal or discount coupons’ website.

yodeals - daily deals system

Decide a niche

Any business requires both short and long-term goals. There is a healthy competition in the daily deal or coupons website. So, what you need to do is select a particular field or niche at the starting stage in which you will provide certain discounts offers or coupons.

For example, choose restaurant sector or electrical appliances.

Remember that the niche you selected is the foundation of your business, so try to do something out of the box. Or, keep yourself slightly away from existing well-established websites to avoid direct competition.

As your business grows, go for multiple niches to broaden your reach.


Make a list of your competitors and analyze their strategies, business model, and strength & weaknesses.

After you have a detailed description of what your competitors are doing, you can turn their disadvantages into your advantages. Moreover, you can make your business model more effective by studying ones of your competitors.

Build your website

A website is the backbone of your business. It’s your brainchild, so focus on it completely from the very first stage (scratch).

To make a good quality website, you can make your own team of developers or hire freelancers. But these two ways are time-consuming and expensive.

As an expert, I would rather recommend you an online readymade solution to build your website.

There is a platform named Yo!Deals that constructs a customized website full of quality features at a reasonable cost.

Website features

yodeals - features

Online business relies completely on a user-friendly, responsive, optimized and feature-rich website.

When it comes to daily deal business, make sure that your website is both PC and mobile optimized as it has to deal with excessive traffic.

All the required features of a daily deal business should be functioning properly.

Partner with local businesses

Here’s the final but the most important step, to establish a partnership with local businesses to avail discount deals or coupons.

Read their clauses or terms of service properly before signing any contract.


People love to find out various discount deals or coupons on the internet. As a business perspective, discount deals or coupons business promises a great future.

So, make sure you strike well at the starting and be consistent with your form.

You can contact the Yo!Deals team here for attractive pricing of the software.


How to Run Daily Deals Using YoDeals (Admin End)

Yo!Deals is the best solution to launch a daily deals ecommerce marketplace that can sell city deals as well as discounted products through one common platform. It is secure, scalable and offers all the important features that you see in top daily deals websites of the world. For beginners, there is a readymade option to launch a startup and for seasoned entrepreneurs who have bigger plans like reaching the global market and creating something like Groupon & Living Social,  it offers a full customization package. Have a look below, how one can run daily deals on this system.

How to run a deal using Yodeals

1. Go to (Deals/product) option in menu bar after you login as an admin.


2. Click on Add New Deals/Products option.


3. Fill the Required Information in the Next Form.






4. After completion of this step now you can fill Location and Company name in next form.


5. After clicking the update button, you can Fill The Voucher Setting at next step.


6. In the next form, you can select the Product Attributes.


7. After selecting product attributes now in the next form you can select a Shipping option.


8. Now select the Product Category of your product in the next form.


9. Write Title, Keywords, Description to make your product SEO friendly.


10. You can fill Charity Form at next step.


11.   Choose Display option for your product.


12. Here’s how your final (product/deal) would display there.


You can check Demo Here:

Get Readymade Local Food & Drinks Deals Selling Website in Just $699

Launching an eCommerce business seems like lots of work & investment, which as a matter of fact is true in most cases. But with Yo!Deals daily deals website builder, you can achieve this formidable task at an extremely low cost and in just a matter of hours.

YoDeals - Start Online Food Deals Website in $699 (1)

With Yo!Deals, FATbit Technologies is providing aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to launch a local food & drinks deal selling website at an unbeatable price of $699 as a limited period offer. As the website owner, you will earn money by receiving a fixed percentage of the profit that merchants make by selling their deals on your website. Additionally, Yo!Deals offers banner advertisement feature as a source of revenue.

A Complete Guide To Build A Daily Deals Website Like Groupon

Check out

YoDeals is packed with all the rich features that top daily deal selling websites like Groupon & Living Social offer. YoDeals also includes top features of multivendor websites to simplify the task of product & deal management for web owners. Additionally, FATbit’s expert UX designers have ensured that websites based on YoDeals are extremely easy to use – whether we talk about customers, merchants or the admin itself.

  • Deal management: Handling upcoming, past, & cancelled deals with simplified addition, removal, & editing options
  • Merchant management: Easy merchant information management like on any typical multivendor store
  • Product management: Save yourself the overhead of product management by letting merchants manage their product listing on their own

yodeals - daily deals system

Besides these, local food & drinks deal websites based on Yo!Deals will also have a secure payment gateway, simplified accounting options, & easy voucher management system. Yo!Deals also offers a responsive platform for your daily deal website, so that your target audience can reach you easily through different devices, anytime-anywhere. Additionally, with CMS, Yo!Deals will give you the freedom to edit & update your website on your own.

Yo!Deals also offers some value-added features for daily deal portals such as blog, reviews & ratings for deals, technical support, training videos, as well as module to associate with charitable programs. With all these features & functionalities, daily deal websites powered by Yo!Deals are meant to succeed.

Read more Yo!deals features:

Typically, the basic Yo!Deals platform is available at $699 and its custom version at $4999. Basic version at $699 of Yo!Deals, in which you get all the above mentioned features. Buy it NOW!

Start your own Local Deals Business with just $699

Yo!Deals brings you a limited period offer that entails lowest investment and promises maximum returns. With $699 only, you can develop a daily deals marketplace that can sell products too. Start with a small business if you want to try your luck at vouchers selling.

Launching it with Yo!Deals will give you the edge as it has already set up city deals businesses globally and is rated as the best system to create a deals marketplace. The top features include:

Effective Deals Management

Adding, deleting and replacing deals is the easiest thing to do if your website is built on Yo!Deals. Merchants can easily update deals as frequently as required. Flexibility and quickness are two major highlights of Yo!Deals’ system.

Effortless Merchant Management

Merchant management is an essential feature of a daily deals site but making it effortless is the biggest challenge for any system. If you choose Yo!Deals, you will be greeted with its immensely painless merchant management system that allows keeping track of merchant’s location, sales, accounts and other details.

Easy Product Management

The best thing about Yo!Deals is that you can sell products too on a website based on it. Its multivendor functionality allows easy updating of products and gives enough freedom to merchants for managing and selling products through your daily deals portal.

Yo!Deals is easy to manage, user-friendly and cost-effective. It includes all essential features that make coupons selling easier and profitable. Being developed as per search engine norms, this daily deals system is search friendly, and assures of maximum search traffic.

Why Invest in a Daily Deals Website Like Groupon?

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You will get a group buying site like Groupon with a default design. The site comes with free after-sales support of 1 month that will help you understand the system and give free assistance to solve other hindrances.

Don’t miss this lucrative opportunity to make money online with smartest business idea.

Contact to discuss details and grab this offer immediately.

Recommendations to Build Successful Venture out of Group Buying Portal

Setting up a deals based website could be very exciting if you succeed in delivering best customer experience. The charm of discount offers and online coupons will never fade away. Hence chances of earning are bright if you are thinking to start a new venture based on similar revenue model.


While you plan to join daily deals market, following recommendations can help your business compete with the existing giants like Groupon, LivingSocial & Yipit.

Set Realistic Goals- Feasible & Achievable

Define your goals wisely and clearly. By goals, here we mean how you are going to drive target customers and who is your target audience at first place. The challenge has widened with increasing number of daily deals websites, targeting all products/services. So, if you plan today to start group buying business, better start with a plan for niche market. It will cut down the improbabilities & risk factors thereby making you goals achievable & securing profits.

Setting your goals judiciously will also help choose best daily deals system to build a platform that both merchants and customers will love to use.

Deals Promotion- Build this plan beforehanddeals website

The level of income of a daily deals portal depends on how a site promotes its deals. So make sure in development phase only that your site is built search engine friendly, has easy CMS option, comes with social media integration and is flexible enough to meet ascendable needs of online deals industry. Choose a daily deals website builder that can suffice these varied needs and offers room for custom functionality.

Set your scale of investment

Beginning with small scale is advisable for new businesses. You can build a daily deals site for local merchants using ready-to-launch solution. It will save your initial cost and when you realize that your portal has captured a significant share of daily deals customers, you can upgrade it using custom website development. The additional money you have right now can be utilized for marketing your site and creating sources to attract online shoppers.

Daily deals websites earn great provided you offer users a reason to spend on your vouchers. To make this business successful, you need to build a blueprint of all factors including, design, customer segmentation, technology to be used for development, merchants/vendors to be invited etc. Only after you give space to these considerations, you can rest assured of success in daily deals industry.

You can discuss more about the risks involved in development of a Groupon like website with our experts. Leave your query to get their assistance.

Where to find the best Yipit Clone Script?

You need not go far to find best Yipit Clone Script, as FATbit offers you Yo!Deals, the easiest solution to build stores like Groupon, Livingsocial and Yipit. This clone script is complete in all respects and gives advantage to small business investors. It is the highly demanded platform to start a daily deals website that has all features of top portals. Web entrepreneurs around the world use Yo!Deals to sell online discounts, offers and shopping deals.



Yo!Deals offers you all essential features of top daily deals platform in one package. Following are the top highlights of Yo!Deals script packages:

  • The website owner can easily manage it.
  • Mobile friendly platform helps engage smartphone & tablet users too.
  • You can customize it as per unique needs.
  • The readymade website gets setup quickly.

Development cost

The development cost of setting up and running deals based websites vary from script to script. Yo!Deals as a clone script has reasonably priced packages that suit both big & small budgets. Using it, the development cost of Yipit like website will fall under two categories:

Ready-made Websites

A readymade setup of Yipit clone will cost you $499 (US). Your portal will include all essential features and come with a standard (default) design.

Custom Designed Websites

Custom package of Yo!Deals costs $4999 (USD) and includes unique web design made from scratch according to the needs of business.

The readymade website can be launched 2-3 days of buying turnkey solution of Yipit clone while the custom website may take 2-3 months as everything is planned & detailed first, and implemented thereafter.

To check more about the features of Yo!Deals, you can visit website or to discuss your business queries regarding daily deals website, consult FATbit experts.

List of Daily Deal Websites powered by Yo!Deals

Yo!Deals is a daily deals clone script used globally by various big & small online businesses. Websites powered by Yo!Deals are among the top selling platforms and score high on popularity too. Invest in Yo!Deals, if you want to start an online business as it promises high returns with low investment. Read about the Groupon clones built using Yo!Deals below.

Qpon – Belgian Daily Deals Website

Qpon is one of the top brands of daily deals industry that is developed using the turnkey solution of Yo!Deals. It is a Belgium based company that sells discounted products and vouchers.


Zabetna – Daily Deals Portal

Zabetna has launched a local daily deals platform with the help of Yo!Deals. Also developed using the readymade solution, this website ranks high among the favorite deals portals of online shoppers. There are few more features added to this site like manual guide.


Nyanfu Deals- A Nigerian Daily Deals System

Nyanfu is a Nigeria based website that sells discount deals of local restaurants, spas and places of interest. This store is custom designed by FATbit and is running successfully in its locality.


More daily deals websites created by FATbit, the makers of Yo!Deals are following:

Yo!Deals offers you two distinct options to invest in online business. You can build a store like above-mentioned websites with small investments using turnkey solution of Yo!Deals. It will cost you just $499. For big business investment, there is custom package that offers a new daily deals website developed from scratch. For more details visit

You can also discuss your project needs with our sales team. Just drop your query and we will get back to you shortly.

Best & Low Cost Business Idea to Earn Money Online in 2015

There are plenty of options to earn money online but a business that can give best returns in low cost is still hard to find. If that’s the cause of your concern too, you are yet to explore the best money making option i.e. daily deals clone. Online daily deals sites are the upcoming business option for startups and entrepreneurs in 2015.

yo deals - deals website builder

Ecommerce industry is on the way to touch its zenith so the relevance of discounts deals and offers have increased lately. Hence earning from Groupon like sites is the best and low cost business idea in case you are looking to invest in a promising online business.

You can sell deals and offers of various merchants through your online portal and easily earn commission in return. The earnings made from sold deals are easy to track via admin account. There are many other features that help website owner manage everything.

Choose Yo!Deals to start a daily deals business quickly

Yo!Deals offers you quick to launch option at the nominal cost of $499. If want a readymade solution that enables you to start daily deals business within a day or two then Yo!Deals is the best clone to invest. Few of its highlights include:start daily deals website

  • Quick setup with default design
  • 2-48 hours’ timeframe to get launched
  • 1 month after sales support

It has all the essential features of leading daily deals sites that help promote discount offers and coupons online. The maker of Yo!Deals is an established web development agency, FATbit that serves globally for complete web support. Following businesses are running successfully using Yo!Deals:

bitFATdeals users

Yo!Deals also offers custom design for portals that have extended requirements. If you have specific requirements and want to create a new website from scratch, you can buy our custom package. It comes with 1 year after sales support and meets premium quality standards of daily deals sites.

Start your daily deals business today to make earnings online. To discuss your queries and requirements regarding it, you can contact our development support.

Ecommerce Startups- How to make your business successful?

Success for Ecommerce startups is like a destination that comes after many turns and twists. It’s a serious venture that requires intelligent planning and appropriate implementation.

In this post, we are talking about how a small online business scan be grown and made successful. Below are essentials that every ecommerce business needs to meet, for making money online.

To be successful you must be wary of technical limits and take as much as you can manage easily. Or else the solution lies with hiring a technical specialist who can give you overwhelming functionality. Here are the two must haves of ecommerce business:

Rich usability

Most of the studies say that if your consumers have good experience while purchasing for first time, they are likely to stick with you forever. The huge competitive pressure asks for providing best user experience. To accomplish his, you must go for users testing and explore their behavior; track impressions, action taken & time spent by users on your pages etc. form the basis of rich usability.

Ecommerce Startups- How to make your business successful

Sale optimized platform

The Conversion funnel should be such that motivates your visitors to go to next level. Each stage of sales is greatly important for evoking the final buying action by a visitor. If you are getting enough traffic and still losing on sales ground, then you certainly lack a conversion optimized platform.

Intuitive features

The features of your online store like must be intuitive enough to guide the incoming traffic. Product search and comparison should be easier. If you make them struggle for funding things on your site, they may not stay there for more than 8 seconds.

As an ecommerce startup, you may need to deal with delivery issues and quality standards too but the technical processing must be your foremost concern. Fix procedural errors as soon as you can so that customers do not feel disappointed with your order placement system.

Apart from the above mentioned rules, there are few more concerns that an ecommerce entrepreneur should never forget to grow ecommerce sales :

1.Bad Content can destroy your sales– The buyer needs updated information in least complicated way. So, do not perplex or frustrate him with poor website content.

2.Brand your store uniquely– Make the logo stand out and give unique impression to users.

3.Float appropriate offers and discounts– No matter how, but there should always be an attention drawing space on your selling platform. It can be a deal, coupon code, season sale alert or a free shipping offer. Just make sure that you utilize and mange this space wisely.

4.Deliver newsworthy information– When you offer relevant information related to your product line, it automatically generates confidence in buyer. For instance, if you are selling fashion apparels then delivering the latest fashion updates would attract more fashion freaks.

5.Keep the login, registration & checkout process easier– The less you trouble your customers, the more they like you. Do not try to feed them with too much stuff. Just make everything easy and clear.

Discuss your project with Ecommerce specialists to fix the glitches that your website has. Have a free multi vendor ecommerce consultation to session  get a website that visitors love to explore and buyers don’t leave without purchasing.