Less Discussed Powerful Design Elements

Designers have some favorite design elements which they love to talk about. There is layout, structuring, color schemes, typography, social media integration and many more. However, there are many other less discussed design characteristics or elements that if integrated with a platform give great benefits. A pro web development company India, China or U.S gives such elements their share of attention for the advantage they bring. So, here are the less known siblings of prominent web design elements;

Feedback Forms

Dedicated online platforms are always looking for avenues of improvement. To accomplish the same, they integrate feedback forms in their websites so that visitors or customers can leave words of advice on the basis of which they could find loopholes in their product, service or web platform itself. Such feedback forms are not very popular among business because it exposes their flaws but firms that are dedicated and think long term never step back from lending such a powerful tool in the hands of customers or clients.

Surveys and Polls

News and other content driven websites often chose surveys and polls to let their audience the make an opinion. Popular platforms like Yahoo also use surveys to know what people feel about current events and other major issues. This technique could come very handy in increasing the mind recall of your website. Businesses can use this to know about tastes and preferences of its customers. Popular blogs also integrate this feature in their design to engage visitors.

Social bookmarking

After social networking, social bookmarking is the next big thing. Millions of people use social bookmarking websites like Stumbleupon and Delicious to find, share and organize web pages that they are interested in. By using such platforms, a website can increase its visibility and reach millions of web users. Including shortcut to simplify sharing in such social bookmarking could reap great benefits for businesses.

Related Links

Reaching a dead end after reading a good article is the most irritating thing for a web user. At the end of an article or content, there should be links leading to related content or some related page. For businesses, such links could lead to related products or concerned packages. In case of informative or news driven websites, end should give way for more. The idea is that if there are no links to follow, the visitor will only leave the page for some other website.

Most Recent

This section is much sought after by web users as it gives them information about what the business or firm has been up to recently. It could mention new products or services launched, news about some recent event or anything that didn’t happen in the last decade. In case of blogs, it could have the newest posts.

So, these are the points that are lesser known but could do great good for a website. Just like any dedicated global professionals, India web designers aim at passing the full advantage of such elements to its clients.

Of course the above discussed points don’t encompass everything that is lesser known in designing. So, the word of advice is to keep looking. Consult for more from a web design company India.

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