FATbit Daily Deals Script Proves Its Dominance

The field of daily deals script is very competitive and businesses make sure that they get the finest to kick off their online ventures. For this, the best business minds search, compare, ask around, confirm and then make a script purchase. If the procedure is followed thoroughly, only the best survives. bitFATdeals, product of FATbit Technologies, has proved its dominance by convincing entrepreneurs that it is the finest available in the market. Below mentioned are the features that help bitFATdeals in justifying its claim;

Custom Design

There is no dearth of competition in the daily deals clone business. Considering the old players and new entering from time to time, establishing oneself as a brand is a mammoth task. And the same is certainly not possible with many similar seeming websites active on web. FATbit Technologies offers custom design which means the buying party can determine the visual appeal of its future deals website. After custom design, your website will be like no other in the web world. In addition to the design part, more than 30 custom designed email templates are provided so that website communicates with its users in the best possible way.

Five Revisions

Getting ideas right at the first time is difficult and if your hired deals script firm is charging you a fortune for making revisions in custom design, then, it is so not cool. FATbit knows that revisions are obligatory for latecomer ideas. That is why it has planned to offer up to five revisions. The company has recently declared that it will increase the revisions to five which were earlier two. The same guarantees that client gets the design that he is trying come out with. This shows how much the company focuses on its client’s satisfaction and rendering the best. The noteworthy point here is that no other deals script company offers such a large number of revisions on its custom design.

12 Months After-sales Support

Most of the script selling firms are too happy to get their client’s money and forget about the support part. The initial period after the sale is very crucial as it is the time client comes across bugs and errors in the system. Because of no support, one has to spend additionally on getting them removed. FATbit, however, recognizes the problem and offers 12 month of after-sales support with the package offering custom design. Whenever a client comes across a minor issue, FATbit is there to mend everything. So, it can be said it stands with the client for whole one year to take care of any error related troubles.

This saves client the time that otherwise would have gone in handling technical issues. The same could be spent in handling other crucial aspects such as increasing merchant size and service options to the users.

Daily deals script market is crowded. While a powerful Groupon clone script is still the most important element, other game changing factors like technical support and design revisions are also crucial. If we speak of price, spending, let’s suppose, penny on a script and then a dollar for alterations and technical support is not the formula of a best deal.

Best deal is when you get everything covered in the same price and this is what FATbit’s bitFATdeals offers.

FATbit Technologies is a Web Design company that has developed bitFATdeals Groupon clone script. The firm is known for offering 12 month technical support and custom design in its premium package.
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