FATbit Revamps Its Daily Deals Section

It is inherent nature of seasoned web based companies to keep bringing something new for their visitors, customers and clients. FATbit too recently went ahead to do something similar for visitors interested in its daily deals script, bitFATdeals. The company has revamped its daily deals section entirely to give it a new look and feel with much simpler content and focus on graphics.

To make sure that visitors get complete clarity of the daily deals concept and how it works, the company included sections that thoroughly elucidate on critical industry specific elements. The section describes all the important parties that are involved, describes their roles and also highlights everything that the powerful script accomplishes for the website owner. The same simplifies the otherwise complicated concept of daily deals. A team member involved in the designing processes commented on the same;

“We were told that clients often came with half-baked knowledge about the daily deals concept. To make sure that clients are entirely clear about what the concept is all about and how group buying sites works, we started redesigning some of the pages to include engaging content through which the same is conveyed. If you will visit the pages, you will come across simpler though informative content, rich graphics and fair use of white space. Our target was to inform; not brag”

Besides the informative page highlighting crucial aspects of daily deals concept, the company has also given a facelift to ‘packages’ and ‘why group buying system’ page. While ‘packages’ page highlights features, package details, prices and also some important queries raised by clients, other focuses on group buying system, benefits of custom design and other important aspects.

The company also recently made provision for five revisions on custom design. This further enhanced the value of daily deal software that was already very luring for entrepreneurs. The company is confident that the recent changes will surely excite their visitors as well as clients. The same was reflected by a firm’s web expert;

“Our company is a serious player in the daily deals script market, and is trusted by global players for powerful platforms. Our clients’ expectations are very high and, everyday, FATbit team tries to meet them. The recent changes will surely help us in consolidating our dominance in the Groupon clone script market. I am sure that our new pages are going to engage visitors just the way our product features and offerings do”

FATbit Technologies is known for introducing such radical changes to enhance user experience and functionality. Recent additions only confirm its status as a leading web development company specializing in daily deals script.

Visit: http://www.fatbit.com/website-design-company/why-groupon-group-buying-system.html


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