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Daily deals business is going through a transition. While the ones that came for money are leaving, the ones with passion for the business are still coming and thriving. However, besides passion, there is also need to come up with new ideas and better targeting of customer base. The same gives an added advantage over biggies like LivingSocial and Groupon. So, here are the ideas that can help you in coming up with the next awesome money-making daily deals software;

Weave the social cause factor

People are nowadays very conscious about doing something good; while regular shopping- online or offline – some prefer to buy goods that promise to leave something for a social cause. This is a time tested market gimmick of global giants active in consumer durable products. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider it weaving it in your website. Fundraising for schools, child welfare schemes and global welfare organizations can be very effective way to make good people become loyal to your web brand.

Pitch limited edition arts, boutique works and crafts

There is no dearth of websites trying to sell restaurants and spa deals. So, it requires a lot of might and also price competition to establish oneself. In such a scenario, making your daily deal script focus on something unique can be very effective. There are numerous design and limited edition art boutiques that are active on small level but are highly popular in local communities. Your website can give them bigger platform to connect with people located in far off places. In the same way, handicraft works can also be targeted. Besides that, margins are good and there is far less competition in this field.

Go gender biased

World may be screaming for equality between the two sexes but to make a name amongst Groupon clone websites, going gender biased can be a great idea. There is humongous competition in the field of women with spa treatments and fancy dinners targeting them; so, it would wise to tread the manly turf. Men too are getting tech savvy nowadays and using daily deals platforms. And there are a lot of things men love; food, drink and golf are the three most distinguished ones. So, your website can easily establish dominance in the web turf.

Target pets

We love pets (cats and dogs especially), and we love to spend money on them; there is special food, toys, hygiene products and saloons for our silent friends. So, why can’t they have a daily deals platform of their own? Everyone knows that products for our companions-with-tail don’t come cheap. So, your website can fill a void on internet. There are already one or two dog specific websites active on web but, still, speaking from competition point of view, it is quite less. Put in a blog for pet care and hygiene, and boom, you have the traffic your daily deal clone script deserves.

However, all of it can go down the drain if your website doesn’t come with powerful CMS, merchant, admin and deals features. So, make sure you choose an awesome deals script too.

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