Group Buying Sites’ Mounting Mania

With discount deals thronging the market in the past few years, Groupon clones have made a swift way through the hallways of eCommerce. Daily deal concept has become such a fad that it led to a flurry of ‘me too’ websites offering such bulk order discounts. From spas to home facials, from two for one pizza deal to home insurance, Group buying websites have offered it all. But then not all seem to be ideally right. As a customer, you must be wary of the kind of deals you purchase and the offering source as well.

Who wouldn’t want to score on a really great deal? And have a big bang for a buck?

Since it is considered to be an out of the box business model, a large percentage of businesses have already started adopting daily deal software. Companies are in a rush to harness the power of Groupon’s concept and emulate its idyllic business strategy. And as we always mention, who doesn’t like getting hefty discounts for some crazy little pennies? Hence this cost saving scheme has done some gangbusters. This is an enterprise that thinks good for people even in economic downturn, hence it has done so well so far and is likely to stick around for as long as there is demand and desires.

But, out of some 3000 daily deal websites, who is mainstream? How would you know? You can never go wrong with an expert that’s been around and ruling online charts for about a decade, has diverse demographics, provides exceptional customer service and of course offers top the line exciting deals.

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