Daily Deals Future & Possibilities for 2013

Year 2012 brought numerous changes in the daily deals market. Groupon, still a dominating name in the market, witnessed some accounting hassles; various new daily deals platforms came and various tectonic shifts were also noticed. slider-1So, the concluding year was a kind of mixed bag for daily deals market. Lessons learnt from the past will certainly shape the daily deals future & possibilities for 2013. So, let get to know what the year might bring, betting on ideas that have gained popularity;

Paper will be passé, plastic & mobile will become popular

Paper vouchers will become a thing of the past; card-linked offers will gain popularity. Mobile-based redemption models like Passbook and Google Wallet are rapidly gaining acceptance and no one would be surprised if usage of paper vouchers would entirely disappear within the next four-five years. Smart phones usage has skyrocketed and mobile based redemption platforms are betting money on the fact that the trend will not reverse. There are strong reasons to believe the same with Apple and Samsung selling like hotcakes.

Uniqueness will still prosper

The glitter that Groupon carried at the very beginning has long faded away. Having tie-ups with some local merchants and handful of deals on a website doesn’t work any longer. Upcoming Groupon clone websites realize this Groupon Cloneand thus come with a unique business pitch. Groupon itself has started treading a different road with Groupon Goods and Getaways. In the same way, there are secret deals for big brands, adventure deals and gender specific deals. So, the upcoming year will also bring similar experiments from the daily deals aspirants.

More will disappear

The glitter might have diminished but the dollar glow that surrounds the deals business has not faded yet. Entrepreneurs are still hopeful that they can make a place in the deals market and to a certain extent they are right to believe in the potential of a smart Groupon clone. However, not everyone will be able to sustain in the market for long run. Hence, the news will keep coming about one or the other daily deals player leaving the market.

Deals will be married with advertising

Quite recently, daily deals market has also garnered interest from advertisers to introduce new products and get rid of excess inventory. Physical display advertising asks for a lot of monetary investment; even digital one doesn’t Daily Deal Softwarecome cheap. In such a scenario, if a web user can be lured into to take notice of something good in the form of daily deal, it can be win-win scenario for advertisers. Modern daily deal software offer scope for the same if one is open to experimentation and new ideas.

Growing popularity of dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing was limited to airline sector but has now started showing signs of emergence in retail too. Amazon is a fine example for it. The concept has potential to garner interest from a deals platform owner and finding its way in the daily deals aggregator script but it is still to be found how buyers will receive it.

So, these are the points that may thread the web for ‘daily deals ideas’ related searches in the year 2013.

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