Making Merchants Fall in Love With Your Daily Deals Platform

You have finally decided to enter the daily deals market and are ready to take on the biggies with your unique idea. While you may have taken care of all the technical and marketing aspects, there is one thing that needs your undivided FATbit Technologiesattention; that is your merchant base. If your merchants have a bad experience with first campaign, they will surely leave. Hence, making merchants fall in love with you can be the difference maker. Here is how to do it;

Inform them

While merchants with experience do know what it takes to cut a fair profit from a daily deal campaign, new ones are very much unclear about how the deals system works. Hence, they would very much appreciate help in getting a better understanding of the marketing model and how it works. By warning merchants beforehand about the type of traffic that can come, you can help them in being prepared for additional workload. Everyone appreciates information that comes handy, and deals business is no different.

Check sales cannibalization

Merchants mostly become part of daily deals setting to attract new footsteps to their business and earn loyal clientele. However, the same doesn’t happen as highly discounted deals on offer are sometimes availed by people who are Daily Deal Systemalready regular customers. This leads to sales cannibalization. Helpful functionality in the daily deal software to check such practices can benefit merchants greatly. Inclusion of some elements in the drafted advertisement can also check such cases.

Help in understanding buyer psychology

Deal buyers have their own pattern of purchase. Most prefer to redeem coupons close to the expiry date; initial month of the deal often doesn’t receive much of a redemption rush. Merchants are unaware of such peculiar characteristics of deal buyers and are sometimes caught off guard when the rush begins. Hence, being owner of the daily deal clone script on which their offerings will be listed, you can educate them about the psychology of deal buyers to help them be prepared and take better decisions.

Give them a powerful platform

Merchants too have to perform various tasks on the platform to manage their deals. If the platform lacks powerful functionality and doesn’t lend control in the hands of merchants, then, they might think before running another campaign on your platform. Considering merchants have endless number of websites ready to host their deal, you might end up losing. Hence, go for a daily deal script that comes with rich merchant functionality.

Groupon clone websites with unique design attracts both users and merchants. So, look for custom design feature when searching for daily deals script.Group Buying Sites
While some say daily deals business has lost its luster, the truth is that it has stabilized after going through a rapid phase of expansion. The chances of making a fortune in the business are still bright, considering you have a unique idea and plan in mind.

So, go for a function-rich Groupon deal script, give merchants a clear about the business, and make them fall in love with your daily deals platform.

bitFATdeals is a Groupon script clone from FATbit Technologies that comes with rich functionality and powerful merchant, admin and deals features. The company also offers custom design, 5 revisions and 12 month technical support with it.

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