Yo!Deals– Branding Focused Group Buying Script

Today’s daily deals market not only requires a unique idea and fascinating offerings but also asks for specialized branding efforts. In addition to great deals and offers, people look for an enriching shopping experience. This cannot be achieved with a deals platform that has not been crafted with branding in mind. Web entrepreneurs are increasingly best-dealsbecoming aware of this, and thus going for branding focused scripts like Yo!Deals.

Yo!Deals – Basics

As a daily deals script, Yo!Deals brings exciting possibilities as it gives web entrepreneurs and deals enthusiasts the independence to decide about branding and other design elements. The powerful script brings advanced buyer, affiliate, merchant, deals, and admin functionality that simplify complicated processes. An easy to use interface makes sure that all the concerned parties are able to perform tasks effortlessly.

Provision of Five design revisions

To ensure platform owners get the design of their dreams, Yo!Deals creators make the provision of five design revisions. Hailed as the best group buying script from branding point of view, the premium package offers the script with five design revisions. The number is enough to cover even the latecomer design ideas. This provision ensures that your daily deals platform is unique in the web realm.

12 month technical support

Be it an ecommerce shop or deals system, setting up an online platform is a demanding task. Technical issues at the beginning of project are very common and can cost a lot. To make sure that daily deals script buyers don’t have to struggle with technical issues, Yo!Deals comes with 12 month technical support for all types of bugs and errors. The support comes at no additional cost and thus clients don’t have to part with any addition money for technical assistance.
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Branding from design experts

Considering branding is critical for web success, Yo!Deals comes with the services of designers that pay undivided attention to evolve unique design and branding elements for deals portal. The design experts work according to the guidelines furnished by the script buyer. Not only this promise a unique design but also what platform owner had in mind. The dedicated efforts though push up the timeline to 50-60 days but the wait is completely worth it because dedicated design team works on the visual aspects during this duration only.
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In case one couldn’t wait to get started with the deals platform, the Go Quick package brings the script with default design at $499. With this package, the deals platform would be ready to go live & make money within 48 hours.

Realizing the advantages of a feature-rich platform that comes with custom branding, various entrepreneurs have ventured into the deals business with Yo!Deals advantage. While most of the other scripts give off-the-shelf template options in the name of custom design, Yo!Deals raises the bar by introducing dedicated design professionals.
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Perhaps, the same factors are fueling the popularity of Yo!Deals as a deal script that can dramatically increase the chances of success and revenue generation.

Entrepreneurs use Yo!Deals to set up modern feature-rich daily deals platforms to sell vouchers and discount offers. Check out the live demo to explore functionality or see the video for further insights.

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