How Daily Deal Themes And Plugins Create A Buzz Among Buyers?

Daily deal themes and plugins are the gateway to attract more merchants and generate higher revenue. If you wish to run a daily deal store, then the first thing that you need to own is a system which offers functional themes and plugins. Hence, picking appropriate daily deal script is a must for best deal website plan.Before we discuss more on it, let us first explore why daily deals are popular:

  • Daily deals give way to local customers targeting and improves business competition.
  • Spreading a word through deals is more impactful, as the buyers search online before actually hitting the stores.
  • Merchants like it because it increases their profit margins by saving cost of offlineadvertising.
  • Discount coupons offered through daily deal portals render transparency and build audience trust.
  • Helps getting customers repeated by offering special VIP deals to them.

How profitable is Daily deals- As a business model?

Group buying is a fad never to die and so is daily deals business. All the businesses whether restaurant, gift stores, apparel stores look for new customers and rely on daily deal portals to get them.

Daily Deal Sysytem

Do you think operating daily deal store is difficult?

Let this fact reach you that It’s not, if you have a right platform to showcase your deals.By right we mean a platform that:

  • Makes it easy for merchants to manage buyers’ activities
  • Does not spare any room for technical hitches
  • Gives option for a mobile friendly access to deal seekers

How to choose daily deal themes and plugins?

Further on the list of ‘daily deals-businessessentials’ are the themes & plugins that you apply on a site. Just remember that what proved best for another may not be equally advantageous for you too. To impel and clinch an action, you need appealing theme templates and functional plugins. So, as a website builder you must choose the ‘apt solution’ instead of the ‘best solution’ to establish this business.

Group clone

Group clone – It goes with all kind of industries and thus scores high on demand.

Moreover, it depends on your niche, what will be best for you. To help you out with this, here is a mention of various WordPress themes and plugins that can be used for luring online searchers:

WordPress Themes & Plugins

To start a group buying business, WordPress themes are known to be ideal option. The best thing about WordPress is that it allows us to clone any website. So it’s not surprising to find that many people want to know how to create their own Groupon like website using WordPress.

Tokokoo -  It’s a responsive theme and greatly suits mobile view too.

Tokokoo – It’s a responsive theme and greatly suits mobile view too.

These are the most popular themes used by WordPress clients. Now we move to WordPress plugins that can be relied upon, for making your deals business impressive & contagious:

SyncFu WordPress Plugin

You can create deals, share them and manage them, as per routine changes at merchants’ end. Just get signed up at and get an account to deal handling support and upload whatever you want to.


WPGroupbuy – This is an adaptable theme that looks good for its pleasant arrangement.

 WP Deals Plugin

WP deals plugin come with a bag of features that makes deal selling a plain sailing task. It enables PayPal and offers statistics monitoring & social media integration too.

Voucher Press Plugin

With it, you can create personalized coupons, tickets and tokens using various fonts & text. The custom feature helps significantly in attracting buyers.

Using themes, templates, plugins and daily deal software is a good option but it requires technical know-how to grip maximum benefit out of it. We get many queries about running a daily deal website asking which platform to use. To them, we suggest a readymade solution for running daily deal websites because otherwise you may feel trapped in bewilderment due to numerous clone scripts& theme similarities.

Here is an example of a ready-made solution developed by our own programmers. It’s a daily deals system that offers built in features, easy customization and excellent support.

bitFATdeals: Daily Deals System Demos

Daily Deal User Demo Daily Deal Admin Demo Daily Deal Merchant Demo