How to Start Daily Deal or Discount Coupons Website

Once, a wise man said, “Saving on something is good but saving on everything is better.” Also, psychology says that a customer feels better when he/she saves money while shopping.

And this is what daily deal websites do. The platform gives coupon codes and special discounts offered by the local businesses.

As you decided to go with this business, you need a step-by-step guide to successfully start the daily deal or discount coupons’ website.


Decide a niche

Any business requires both short and long-term goals. There is a healthy competition in the daily deal or coupons website. So, what you need to do is select a particular field or niche at the starting stage in which you will provide certain discounts offers or coupons.

For example, choose restaurant sector or electrical appliances.

Remember that the niche you selected is the foundation of your business, so try to do something out of the box. Or, keep yourself slightly away from existing well-established websites to avoid direct competition.

As your business grows, go for multiple niches to broaden your reach.


Make a list of your competitors and analyze their strategies, business model, and strength & weaknesses.

After you have a detailed description of what your competitors are doing, you can turn their disadvantages into your advantages. Moreover, you can make your business model more effective by studying ones of your competitors.

Build your website

A website is the backbone of your business. It’s your brainchild, so focus on it completely from the very first stage (scratch).

To make a good quality website, you can make your own team of developers or hire freelancers. But these two ways are time-consuming and expensive.

As an expert, I would rather recommend you an online readymade solution to build your website.

There is a platform named Yo!Deals that constructs a customized website full of quality features at a reasonable cost.

Website features

Online business relies completely on a user-friendly, responsive, optimized and feature-rich website.

When it comes to daily deal business, make sure that your website is both PC and mobile optimized as it has to deal with excessive traffic.

All the required features of a daily deal business should be functioning properly.

Partner with local businesses

Here’s the final but the most important step, to establish a partnership with local businesses to avail discount deals or coupons.

Read their clauses or terms of service properly before signing any contract.


People love to find out various discount deals or coupons on the internet. As a business perspective, discount deals or coupons business promises a great future.

So, make sure you strike well at the starting and be consistent with your form.