Get Readymade Local Food & Drinks Deals Selling Website in Just $99

Launching an eCommerce business seems like lots of work & investment, which as a matter of fact is true in most cases. But with Yo!Deals- Local daily deals system, you can achieve this formidable task at an extremely low cost and in just a matter of hours.

Start online Food Deals Website in $99
With Yo!Deals, FATbit Technologies is providing aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to launch a local food & drinks deal selling website at an unbeatable price of $99 as a limited period offer. As the website owner, you will earn money by receiving a fixed percentage of the profit that merchants make by selling their deals on your website. Additionally, Yo!Deals offers banner advertisement feature as a source of revenue.

Yo!Deals is the best & most Cost-Effective Solution to Build Daily Deal Websites

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YoDeals is packed with all the rich features that top daily deal selling websites like Groupon & Living Social offer. YoDeals also includes top features of multivendor websites to simplify the task of product & deal management for web owners. Additionally, FATbit’s expert UX designers have ensured that websites based on YoDeals are extremely easy to use – whether we talk about customers, merchants or the admin itself.

  • Deal management: Handling upcoming, past, & cancelled deals with simplified addition, removal, & editing options
  • Merchant management: Easy merchant information management like on any typical multivendor store
  • Product management: Save yourself the overhead of product management by letting merchants manage their product listing on their own

Besides these, local food & drinks deal websites based on Yo!Deals will also have a secure payment gateway, simplified accounting options, & easy voucher management system. Yo!Deals also offers a responsive platform for your daily deal website, so that your target audience can reach you easily through different devices, anytime-anywhere. Additionally, with CMS, Yo!Deals will give you the freedom to edit & update your website on your own.

Yo!Deals also offers some value-added features for daily deal portals such as blog, reviews & ratings for deals, technical support, training videos, as well as module to associate with charitable programs. With all these features & functionalities, daily deal websites powered by Yo!Deals are meant to succeed.

Typically, the basic Yo!Deals platform is available at $499 and its custom version at $4999. The $99 deal is a limited period offer on Yo!Deals basic version, in which you get all the above mentioned features. If you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity, then Buy it NOW!

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Start your own Local Deals Business with just $99

Yo!Deals brings you a limited period offer that entails lowest investment and promises maximum returns. With $99 only, you can develop a daily deals store that can sell products too. Start with a small business if you want to try your luck at vouchers selling.

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Launching it with Yo!Deals will give you the edge as it has already set up city deals businesses globally and is rated as the best system to create a deals marketplace. The top features include:

Effective Deals Management

Adding, deleting and replacing deals is the easiest thing to do if your website is built on Yo!Deals. Merchants can easily update deals as frequently as required. Flexibility and quickness are two major highlights of Yo!Deals’ system.

Effortless Merchant Management

Merchant management is an essential feature of a daily deals site but making it effortless is the biggest challenge for any system. If you choose Yo!Deals, you will be greeted with its immensely painless merchant management system that allows keeping track of merchant’s location, sales, accounts and other details.

Easy Product Management

The best thing about Yo!Deals is that you can sell products too on a website based on it. Its multivendor functionality allows easy updating of products and gives enough freedom to merchants for managing and selling products through your daily deals portal.

Yo!Deals is easy to manage, user-friendly and cost-effective. It includes all essential features that make coupons selling easier and profitable. Being developed as per search engine norms, this daily deals system is search friendly, and assures of maximum search traffic.

Yo!Deals is Powerful enough to Make your Daily Deals Business Successful

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You will get a group buying site like Groupon with a default design. The site comes with free after-sales support of 1 month that will help you understand the system and give free assistance to solve other hindrances.

Don’t miss this lucrative opportunity to make money online with smartest business idea.

Contact to discuss details and grab this offer immediately.

Best & Low Cost Business Idea to Earn Money Online in 2015

There are plenty of options to earn money online but a business that can give best returns in low cost is still hard to find. If that’s the cause of your concern too, you are yet to explore the best money making option i.e. daily deals clone. Online daily deals sites are the upcoming business option for startups and entrepreneurs in 2015.

yo deals - deals website builder

Ecommerce industry is on the way to touch its zenith so the relevance of discounts deals and offers have increased lately. Hence earning from Groupon like sites is the best and low cost business idea in case you are looking to invest in a promising online business.

You can sell deals and offers of various merchants through your online portal and easily earn commission in return. The earnings made from sold deals are easy to track via admin account. There are many other features that help website owner manage everything.

Choose Yo!Deals to start a daily deals business quickly

Yo!Deals offers you quick to launch option at the nominal cost of $499. If want a readymade solution that enables you to start daily deals business within a day or two then Yo!Deals is the best clone to invest. Few of its highlights include:start daily deals website

  • Quick setup with default design
  • 2-48 hours’ timeframe to get launched
  • 1 month after sales support

It has all the essential features of leading daily deals sites that help promote discount offers and coupons online. The maker of Yo!Deals is an established web development agency, FATbit that serves globally for complete web support. Following businesses are running successfully using Yo!Deals:

bitFATdeals users

Yo!Deals also offers custom design for portals that have extended requirements. If you have specific requirements and want to create a new website from scratch, you can buy our custom package. It comes with 1 year after sales support and meets premium quality standards of daily deals sites.

Start your daily deals business today to make earnings online. To discuss your queries and requirements regarding it, you can contact our development support.

2013 in review – Daily Deal Script | Daily Deal Software

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,600 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Daily Deals Website – New Footfalls, Higher Sales & More for Small Businesses

Small businesses are usually in dither about running discount offers on daily deals platforms. Groupon made the deals phenomena popular long ago but some merchants are still doubtful about benefits that come from running deals. So, let’s answer some questions to learn the benefits that come with deal campaigns;

Do deals platforms promise new visitors?    

The answer to the question is surely yes.

Every daily deals platform has a user base interested in discounted offers. These users are interested in exploring new products and services if they come at a good discount. Hence, if the deal is luring and the user is looking for similar item, then, there are fair chances that discount coupon or voucher will be purchased and redeemed at merchant’s address.

Responsive Daily Deals Website

Visitors come and explore –  While a cupcake maker may be running a deal for chocolate muffins, new visitors will explore other items as well while redeeming the coupon. If the product on offer is high quality and meets customer expectations, deals customer would become regular customer.

Do deals platforms bring higher sales and profits for businesses?
Buyers nowadays search for online discounts and this trend works in favor of daily deals platforms. Merchants list deals on such websites and people rush to make the purchase. The discount helps the business in utilizing production capacity and making considerable profit at the end of the day.

Daily deals modelLong term profits  – Once a customer get the taste of your product or service, there is a fair chance that he would come for more. This way, a single discount if availed by hundred customers helps the business in acquiring many repeat customers.
Various merchants run multiple campaigns on different deals platforms for wider customer reach.

What should be your deals campaign approach?
Merchants usually expect windfall gains from daily deals campaigns and this leads to disappointment. Deals business model is about advertising through discounts and reaching new customers. From those discounts are acquired new customers that stay with business in the long run.
Daily deals model is win-win situation for all the parties. While platform owner receives predefined share from earnings, business owner reaches out to new buyers and propels growth.
Small businesses can explore new possibilities by running campaigns on deal platforms. Make sure you join hands with a renowned deals brand that promises wide reach and popularity.

In case you want to start your own daily deals brand, bitFATdeals is certainly what you need.

FAQs from Daily Deals Entrepreneurs

Daily deals business is not a new phenomena; Groupon mastered the formula and went on to become billion dollar company. A lot has changed in the deals market in the last five years but still the business model attracts entrepreneurs with unique ideas. That said, setting up a web business – daily deals business particularly – brings unique set of challenges. Below are answers to some questions that occupy minds of daily deal entrepreneurs;Facebook-Buttons-1-10-

What type of offers get listed on daily deals websites?

Groupon is known for listing health, fitness and beauty related deals for its rich female clientele. In the past couple of years though, deals related to tourism, hospitality and restaurants are gaining prominence. Not long ago, Groupon launched Groupon Goods that brings offers on electronics, home, personal care, toys and apparels. The business model can accommodate anything you want to sell.

So, sky is the limit with a feature rich group buying script.

Is daily deals industry losing sheen?

Glory of Groupon, its meteoric rise, and mushrooming of similar platforms all over the world gdeal-featuresave rise to speculations that the business model is faulty. When Groupon tumbled due to accounting issues, such rumors gained more hype. But the truth is that daily deals business still has a lot of potential for new ideas and experimentation. Young entrepreneurs are still coming in and carving a niche for themselves in hospitality, tourism and secret deals.

Do only small businesses act as merchants?

Joining hands with small businesses as merchants is a very distinguishing feature of deals business system. However, it is not true that only small stores and services providers run deals. Big brands like Star Bucks also gain business momentum from such offers. It all depends on how your sales and marketing team can get merchants and big brands on board.

What role do social media play?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have replaced word-of-mouth communication. Some of the most successful brands reward their registered users for sharing deals with friends and loved ones. Benefits are psocial-mediaassed to users if people referred by them make a purchase. So, social media helps deal platforms in adding to their subscription base and power business growth.

Which party- merchants, buyers or platform owners – benefits the most?

All the parties participating in the daily deals setup receive business benefit.

Merchants get new footfalls, operate at their full capability and raise sales as well as profits.

Buyers get high quality products and services at discounted price. They also get the opportunity to explore new outlets and service providers.

Platform owners get predetermined sales share from merchants.

Affiliates generate business for the platform and are rewarded in various ways by the owner. So, it can be said that every party benefits according to effort and investment made.

New deals platforms are still coming up but very few have powerful functionality and engaging ideas to engross web users. These two elements can make or break a deals platform.vouchers

So, make sure your deals platforms bring strong deals, merchant and admin features along with a killer look.

bitFATdeals is a daily deals script developed by FATbit Technologies. The web development company not only packs powerful features in the group buying script but also makes provision of custom design, 5 revisions and 12 month technical support.

Yo!Deals– Branding Focused Group Buying Script

Today’s daily deals market not only requires a unique idea and fascinating offerings but also asks for specialized branding efforts. In addition to great deals and offers, people look for an enriching shopping experience. This cannot be achieved with a deals platform that has not been crafted with branding in mind. Web entrepreneurs are increasingly best-dealsbecoming aware of this, and thus going for branding focused scripts like Yo!Deals.

Yo!Deals – Basics

As a daily deals script, Yo!Deals brings exciting possibilities as it gives web entrepreneurs and deals enthusiasts the independence to decide about branding and other design elements. The powerful script brings advanced buyer, affiliate, merchant, deals, and admin functionality that simplify complicated processes. An easy to use interface makes sure that all the concerned parties are able to perform tasks effortlessly.

Provision of Five design revisions

To ensure platform owners get the design of their dreams, Yo!Deals creators make the provision of five design revisions. Hailed as the best group buying script from branding point of view, the premium package offers the script with five design revisions. The number is enough to cover even the latecomer design ideas. This provision ensures that your daily deals platform is unique in the web realm.

12 month technical support

Be it an ecommerce shop or deals system, setting up an online platform is a demanding task. Technical issues at the beginning of project are very common and can cost a lot. To make sure that daily deals script buyers don’t have to struggle with technical issues, Yo!Deals comes with 12 month technical support for all types of bugs and errors. The support comes at no additional cost and thus clients don’t have to part with any addition money for technical assistance.
groupon website design
Branding from design experts

Considering branding is critical for web success, Yo!Deals comes with the services of designers that pay undivided attention to evolve unique design and branding elements for deals portal. The design experts work according to the guidelines furnished by the script buyer. Not only this promise a unique design but also what platform owner had in mind. The dedicated efforts though push up the timeline to 50-60 days but the wait is completely worth it because dedicated design team works on the visual aspects during this duration only.
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In case one couldn’t wait to get started with the deals platform, the Go Quick package brings the script with default design at $499. With this package, the deals platform would be ready to go live & make money within 48 hours.

Realizing the advantages of a feature-rich platform that comes with custom branding, various entrepreneurs have ventured into the deals business with Yo!Deals advantage. While most of the other scripts give off-the-shelf template options in the name of custom design, Yo!Deals raises the bar by introducing dedicated design professionals.
FATbit Technologies
Perhaps, the same factors are fueling the popularity of Yo!Deals as a deal script that can dramatically increase the chances of success and revenue generation.

Entrepreneurs use Yo!Deals to set up modern feature-rich daily deals platforms to sell vouchers and discount offers. Check out the live demo to explore functionality or see the video for further insights.

bitFATdeals – Advanced Daily Deals Script for Web Entrepreneurs

The way people looked for discounts changed after Groupon mastered the daily deals business model. Nowadays, deals platforms dominate the discounted products and services market. The same growth possibilities are making web entrepreneurs invest in daily deals platforms. And bitFATdeals is what investors are choosing to build their group buying platforms.

It is an advanced Groupon clone script that comes with simple yet powerful interface for performing deals, merchant, affiliate and user related tasks. By offering scope of customization, bitFATdeals gives platform owners the independence to work on branding aspects.

Celebrated amongst its buyers for having the best group buying site design, websites based on bitFATdeals script have a competitive edge over others in the market.

So, bitFATdeals is what your deals business idea requires to write a web success story.

Daily deals model

How Daily Deals Brands Keep Merchants & Buyers Happy?

Daily deal platforms are famous amongst buyers looking for greaDaily Deals Platformt deals and offers. Presently, there are various daily deals players in the market, and considering the same, it is business critical for daily deal brands to keep merchants & buyers happy. Here is how the owners of the best brands do it;

Giving critical insights to merchants

Merchants new to the deals based promotional campaigns usually have little knowledge about its working and requirements. It is up to the brand representatives to inform merchant about ground realities of running a deal. In the absence of such insights, merchant can build false hopes of windfall gains. For instance, daily deals are more about promotion and fresh footfalls than overnight profits. Beforehand update about the same will began business partnership on honest footing.

Helping merchants with arrangements

Running a deal is not all about spreading the news of a discount on web. It is also about making arrangements for the forthcoming queries and phone calls. In case staff at merchant address is unaware about the deal and doesn’t Daily Deal Systemrespond to queries in a convincing manner, serious damage could be inflicted on brand name. For similar reason, smart daily deal script owners patiently guide merchants about customer handling and inform them beforehand when deal goes live.

Keeping powerful functionality for buyers

Buyers like to be active on platforms that promise easy redeem and share options. Deals shoppers also like to buy from brand that bring powerful functionality. Daily deals platform owners promise all the mentioned by investing in a software that comes with rich functionality, social sharing buttons and quick buy options. If buyers don’t find the platform simple to navigate and buy from, they are going to switch loyalty sooner or later. So, to make buyers stay for the long term, platform owners invest in feature-rich feature-rich daily deal software.

By bringing unique deals

Along with exciting discounts, deal shoppers look for unique experiences. It is groupon website design up to the marketing & sales team of the brand to bring exciting deals for buyers to ensure loyalty and repeat purchases. No one likes the same boring deals again and again. To keep deals searchers happy, established deals brands keep marketing team on its toes to find new experiences for their customers.

Suggesting merchants to plan stocks

There are fair chances of stocks running out when a deal goes live and people find it fascinating. Hence, it is critical for businesses to plan ahead and build the infrastructure to cater customer inflow. It also needs to be ensured that regular customers don’t suffer due to the sudden demand.

A powerful daily deal aggregator script lays the groundwork for happy best-dealsmerchants and buyers. After building platform on such a script, platform owners need to take regular steps to build a loyal following and merchant base.

Establishing a daily deals brands is a breathtaking process but once it is done, sky is a limit in terms of revenues and growth.

FATbit Technologies is a web development firm dedicated to evolve modern business solutions. It has developed Yo!Deals, a feature-rich daily deals script that comes with custom design, 5 revisions and 12 month technical support.

Most Frequently Asked Daily Deals Related Questions

Groupon and LivingSocial are household brands nowadays but not everyone knows what it takes to make such a website. It is quite natural for entrepreneurs who wish to enter the daily deals business to be full of questions and doubts. Finding the right answers to some of the most important daily deals related questions is critical for informed business decisions. So, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about daily deals platforms and how to establish them;

Are daily deals system and online shop similar?

People often assume that daily deals systems are similar to online ecommerce platforms. This is obviously incorrect. Daily deals platform works on the business model in which the deal goes live only after predetermined number of people signup for the offer. However, in case of online shop, products are Daily Deals Platformavailable for purchase at any time of the day and don’t require minimum signups. Both are based on different business models, and confusion about the two, if not treated, can be lead to bad investment.

Can I sell anything on daily deals platform?

Daily deals are usually related to hospitality, health, fitness and beauty markets. Groupon has recently entered in the physical product field with Groupon Goods but only after dominating the coupons-and-certificate industry for some years. Hence, it cannot be assumed that literally anything can be sold through a daily deals platform. Discounted certificates make the focus of a deals platform but one can bring a twist in the marketing model by going custom with daily deal software. This can be accomplished by choosing a script from a seasoned web development firm prepared to introduce requested changes.

Is it wise to buy a standard script and make changes?

It is wise if you are well versed in web design and development processes. However, if you are not, getting a standard script and running experiments could be a risky idea. In case you have a trusted business partner who can handle the script changes, even then, standard script can serve the purpose. That said, it is always better to tread the safe path and partner with a firm that offers custom Groupon clone software. This makes the platform as per your vision and requirements.

How much does a daily deals script costs?

A powerful feature-rich deals script can cost anything between $500 and $10,000. Along with the price tag, one should also consider the additional support that come with it. Custom design, technical support for bugs & errors, and number of revisions are important elements to look for. A Groupon buying system on sale with such provisions means that the development firm knows what it takes to make a truly global deals platform.

Of course these are not the only questions that occupy the mind of deals enthusiasts; there are plenty more including enquiries about the best deals script. To answer this, there is no such thing as the best deals script.

Whatever suits your needs is possibly the best.

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

FATbit Technologies is a web development company known for its path-breaking Groupon clone script, bitFATdeals. Its premium version comes with 12 month technical support, custom design and 5 revisions.