Daily Deals Website – New Footfalls, Higher Sales & More for Small Businesses

Small businesses are usually in dither about running discount offers on daily deals platforms. Groupon made the deals phenomena popular long ago but some merchants are still doubtful about benefits that come from running deals. So, let’s answer some questions to learn the benefits that come with deal campaigns;

Do deals platforms promise new visitors?    

The answer to the question is surely yes.

Every daily deals platform has a user base interested in discounted offers. These users are interested in exploring new products and services if they come at a good discount. Hence, if the deal is luring and the user is looking for similar item, then, there are fair chances that discount coupon or voucher will be purchased and redeemed at merchant’s address.

Responsive Daily Deals Website

Visitors come and explore –  While a cupcake maker may be running a deal for chocolate muffins, new visitors will explore other items as well while redeeming the coupon. If the product on offer is high quality and meets customer expectations, deals customer would become regular customer.

Do deals platforms bring higher sales and profits for businesses?
Buyers nowadays search for online discounts and this trend works in favor of daily deals platforms. Merchants list deals on such websites and people rush to make the purchase. The discount helps the business in utilizing production capacity and making considerable profit at the end of the day.

Daily deals modelLong term profits  – Once a customer get the taste of your product or service, there is a fair chance that he would come for more. This way, a single discount if availed by hundred customers helps the business in acquiring many repeat customers.
Various merchants run multiple campaigns on different deals platforms for wider customer reach.

What should be your deals campaign approach?
Merchants usually expect windfall gains from daily deals campaigns and this leads to disappointment. Deals business model is about advertising through discounts and reaching new customers. From those discounts are acquired new customers that stay with business in the long run.
Daily deals model is win-win situation for all the parties. While platform owner receives predefined share from earnings, business owner reaches out to new buyers and propels growth.
Small businesses can explore new possibilities by running campaigns on deal platforms. Make sure you join hands with a renowned deals brand that promises wide reach and popularity.

In case you want to start your own daily deals brand, bitFATdeals is certainly what you need.


How Daily Deal Themes And Plugins Create A Buzz Among Buyers?

Daily deal themes and plugins are the gateway to attract more merchants and generate higher revenue. If you wish to run a daily deal store, then the first thing that you need to own is a system which offers functional themes and plugins. Hence, picking appropriate daily deal script is a must for best deal website plan.Before we discuss more on it, let us first explore why daily deals are popular:

  • Daily deals give way to local customers targeting and improves business competition.
  • Spreading a word through deals is more impactful, as the buyers search online before actually hitting the stores.
  • Merchants like it because it increases their profit margins by saving cost of offlineadvertising.
  • Discount coupons offered through daily deal portals render transparency and build audience trust.
  • Helps getting customers repeated by offering special VIP deals to them.

How profitable is Daily deals- As a business model?

Group buying is a fad never to die and so is daily deals business. All the businesses whether restaurant, gift stores, apparel stores look for new customers and rely on daily deal portals to get them.

Daily Deal Sysytem

Do you think operating daily deal store is difficult?

Let this fact reach you that It’s not, if you have a right platform to showcase your deals.By right we mean a platform that:

  • Makes it easy for merchants to manage buyers’ activities
  • Does not spare any room for technical hitches
  • Gives option for a mobile friendly access to deal seekers

How to choose daily deal themes and plugins?

Further on the list of ‘daily deals-businessessentials’ are the themes & plugins that you apply on a site. Just remember that what proved best for another may not be equally advantageous for you too. To impel and clinch an action, you need appealing theme templates and functional plugins. So, as a website builder you must choose the ‘apt solution’ instead of the ‘best solution’ to establish this business.

Group clone

Group clone – It goes with all kind of industries and thus scores high on demand.

Moreover, it depends on your niche, what will be best for you. To help you out with this, here is a mention of various WordPress themes and plugins that can be used for luring online searchers:

WordPress Themes & Plugins

To start a group buying business, WordPress themes are known to be ideal option. The best thing about WordPress is that it allows us to clone any website. So it’s not surprising to find that many people want to know how to create their own Groupon like website using WordPress.

Tokokoo -  It’s a responsive theme and greatly suits mobile view too.

Tokokoo – It’s a responsive theme and greatly suits mobile view too.

These are the most popular themes used by WordPress clients. Now we move to WordPress plugins that can be relied upon, for making your deals business impressive & contagious:

SyncFu WordPress Plugin

You can create deals, share them and manage them, as per routine changes at merchants’ end. Just get signed up at SyncFu.com and get an account to deal handling support and upload whatever you want to.


WPGroupbuy – This is an adaptable theme that looks good for its pleasant arrangement.

 WP Deals Plugin

WP deals plugin come with a bag of features that makes deal selling a plain sailing task. It enables PayPal and offers statistics monitoring & social media integration too.

Voucher Press Plugin

With it, you can create personalized coupons, tickets and tokens using various fonts & text. The custom feature helps significantly in attracting buyers.

Using themes, templates, plugins and daily deal software is a good option but it requires technical know-how to grip maximum benefit out of it. We get many queries about running a daily deal website asking which platform to use. To them, we suggest a readymade solution for running daily deal websites because otherwise you may feel trapped in bewilderment due to numerous clone scripts& theme similarities.

Here is an example of a ready-made solution developed by our own programmers. It’s a daily deals system that offers built in features, easy customization and excellent support.

bitFATdeals: Daily Deals System Demos

Daily Deal User Demo Daily Deal Admin Demo Daily Deal Merchant Demo

How to Start a Successful E-Commerce Business – Best Guide

It’s the talk of future, it’s the tarzan of dot com, it’s not to be ignored! eCommerce is indeed an online giant that has awakened in the last century as a massive cut throat realm. It’s no more a novelty, eCommerce is a business STANDARD!

In order to cater to a larger pool of people, eCommerce is a business many online merchants are hopeful about. Expansion of eCommerce which is primarily buying and selling of goods online has not only benefitted customers but also suppliers. Traditional retail shops have found their ways on the web world and aggressively ensuring their online stores as well. Moolah transactions happen over secure gateways and encrypted channels, so e-commerce is also known to be a trustworthy trading environment. Payments can be made through Credit Cards, e-Checks, Payment Gateways or even through traditional payment systems.


Mark Hayes, head of marketing and public relation shares that “Business owners can no longer afford to ignore the multitude benefits of selling online. With an ecommerce store, your business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You don’t pay rent or the salaries of sales associates. You don’t have any geographical limitations that restrict your customer base, which means you can sell to any country in the world, any time zone and in any language. Also, with shipping companies like ShipWire and Amazon Fulfillment you don’t need to worry about storing or shipping your product. You can automate nearly every aspect of the business.”

Why is eCommerce such a mammoth success?

  1. It reaches a much wider audience than what your business could do otherwise. An online business has the potential to garner far more customers than what it could do by having an actual shop down the lane.
  2. There are no distance barriers and people can purchase anything and everything by the click of a mouse from the comfort of your own house.
  3. Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful realms one can indulge in through having an eCommerce business access.
  4. There is 100% business uptime since eCommerce systems are available for people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  5. Transactions can be handled instantaneously without high response time that is much faster than offline systems.

Types of eCommerce

  • Business to Business (B2B)

Over 90% of all e-commerce transactions on the web are B2B. B2B enables automated transactions between trading partners for business efficacy. B2B is also known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business-to-Consumer is considered to be the next big thing on e-commerce and the Internet. It continues to upscale by leaps and bounds rapidly. Leading websites such as Amazon have cashed in the spurt of purchases that happen over the Internet. B2C encompasses direct selling to the consumer over the dot com space.

  • Consumer to Business (C2B)

In a Consumer-to-Business Model a consumer offers goods or services to companies and the companies pay for them. Examples of C2B are forms of affiliate marketing, answering online polls for companies, being a freelance developer, etc.

  • Business to Employee (B2E)

Companies offer products or services to their employees in an intranet environment in a business to employee model. B2E typically is used for automating employee related work processes. Examples of B2E applications are online insurance policy management for employees, offers and rewards program for employees, etc.

  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

In Consumer-to-Consumer e-commerce a third party builds a transaction nexus between two or more consumers involved. Online Auctioning can be considered to be a good form of Consumer to Consumer e-commerce model.

eCommerce trends that are making ways in Indian ecosystem, making customers more engaged:

  1. Rise of M-Commerce – The share of mobile internet traffic counts upto 13% and Indian eCommerce firms are aiming at creating world class mobile platforms that are positioned to capture more market share.
  2. Bridging three-commerce product experience gap. ‘Virtual try on’ experience is also making many online shoppers thrilled about making online orders.
  3. Engaging and informative products videos
  4. Interactive and shoppable videos and images.

Some more

  • Flipkart started a category Flyte – for selling music online.
  • Snapdeal collaborated with Rechargeitnow so that users can recharge their mobiles on the Snapdeal site. Also, after a lot of deliberation, company has decided to enter in the books category, too.
  • E-Commerce companies such as Jabong offered solutions with streamlined platform for SMS, Email, chats that can help customers reaching help desk have an enhanced customer experience.
  • With the growing popularity of Smartphones and trend of the application stores, ecommerce companies are continuously looking for upgrading Android/iOS/Symbian applications. In Year 2012, eBay introduced interactive iPad app for India. It enables iPad users to shop, browse & compare prices seamlessly.

Cash on Delivery – The big bang Boom in eCommerce

The enormous growth in eCommerce since 2011 largely has been owing to the factor; Cash on delivery. This leveraged customers a sense of security. Customers can now have a look at the goods that they bought before handing over the money. There was no relying on debit or credit cards. Cash on delivery system enabled young buyers to use their pocket money.

Advantages of cash on delivery

  • A lot of us are always reluctant about the products shopped online. More often than not, customers are wary about paying for the product unless they actually see it. COD allows them to pay for the product once they see it themselves.
  • It is an easier transaction model especially in countries like India where credit and debit cards aren’t a way of life yet or where electronic means of payment aren’t standard. Cash on delivery has expanded the market size and penetration of online stores substantially.
  • Since customers pay only when they receive the order, it makes it easier for them to even reject poor quality products. This ensures online shopping portals must sell only high quality products.

This model has changed the dynamics of eCommerce portals and helped them penetrate deep into the market.

Share your views about this article and eCommerce Business in Comment Section.


Recipe of Best Daily Deals Website Revealed!

If you have an impressive daily deals idea, then, investing in the business is still a lucrative option. The industry still has potential if you choose the target market with caution. That said, success in deals business is rare without a state-of-the-art website to make sure that business model & idea work in harmony.

Here are the points to help you choose the best daily deals script for your venture;

Customization feature

If the chosen script doesn’t offer scope for design changes as per your wishes, then, you cannot create the website of your imagination. For a website that is exactly the copy of your imagination, the script has to come with custom design arrangement. Don’t feel tempted if you are given multiple templates to choose from. Settle for nothing less than custom design.

Mobile friendliness

The future of deals business belongs to mobile platforms. So, if the script of your choice doesn’t support smartphones, then, you better think again. By buying a daily deals script that runs effortlessly on small screen devices, you will gain addition traffic and monetary rewards.


Technical glitches are quite common in the initial phase of any web project, and it obviously doesn’t make sense to pay extra for getting bugs and errors fixed. Make sure that your script provider is ready to support you during the initial project duration.

Powerful features

To make sure merchants and deal buyers are able to manage their accounts & perform actions without technical knowhow, your script must come with powerful yet simple features. Powerful functionality will simplify task management for you as well.

Finding such deals website can be a challenge in itself considering the large number of service providers in the industry. But with above points in mind and extensive research, you can find the best daily deals script on offer.

best-dealsUse bitFATdeals as a benchmark during your research. It is a script that comes with advanced functionality and custom advantages.

Have a look at its highly affordable packages (http://www.fatbit.com/website-design-company/groupon-clone-script-packages.html) before finalizing your purchase.

Feel free to discuss your daily deals requirements in the comments section. We will guide you in the right daily deals direction.

Daily deals business- A necessity for future markets

The momentous rise in daily deals industry appeared in 2010 when Groupon reached the mark of catering 150 markets. Since then, many biggies entered and left the market which created an off-putting buzz about daily deals business.

To understand the real picture however, we need to ascertain factors that are closely related to daily deals business. There are basically two parties which get adjoined via daily deals site; namely, service provider/merchant and buyer. Understanding their role is important because the benefits they receive ensure the future of daily deals business.

best-dealsService provider/merchant – The merchant offering discounts gets more visitors by running offers via daily deals sites. When a customer arrives at a site to redeem his coupon, he gets to know about more products/services available there. More avenues of sales can be opened if a seller can offer up-selling too. Thus, it can develop into a dependable marketing tool of future.

The Buyer – There is nothing more pleasurable for a shopper than a discount. Buyers routinely look for online deals whether they are about to dine out, visit a salon or shop online. Hence, it would be wrong to assume that daily deals users are just going to vanish from the market.

Deals business is here to stay

Rising competition among brands force them to sustain business using various marketing strategies. Beginners just starting their journeys depend heavily on promotional activities like offering deals and discounts.

Get DealDeveloping new group of customers is the prime motive of such offers and this is not going to change very soon.

What makes a daily deal business successful?

If you wish to invest in a deals venture, then, target a niche and move ahead in a planned way. With market expansion, daily deals have emerged as an effective marketing device for all including small businesses, big vendors, and wholesalers to attract more customers. Thus, the future of this business is certain if you have a constructive plan in your mind.

Daily DealMany deals sites are presently active in the business and several new are up for the launch. Coming up with a new daily deals idea for online business is not difficult if you can take the challenge of being different. You can limit your market to a specific segment or target consumers geographically.

Make your offers look as much different as you can. Usage of smartphones and social platforms to channelize users is another tactic that can be brought into play.

Your biggest and foremost concern while initiating a daily deal business should be to invest in a powerful deals platform that allows you to manage deals effectively. Go for a daily deals script that makes merchant and buyer management a plain sailing task.

bitFATdeals is a popular script used by global entrepreneurs to build deals platforms. Investing in a deals website could earn you big dollars if you come up with a unique idea and plan.

Daily Deals business idea – Still Worth Investing or Not?

The story of daily deals has been told again and again but here is a miniature version for the record;

Andrew Mason started Groupon and made it worth 6-billion-offer from Google. Thousands of similar websites cropped up overtime. Time passed and daily deals idea started losing its sheen. Groupon fell and so did many others.”

The present situation is that entrepreneurs interested in the business model often think twice (even thrice) before investing in it.

Let’s find out whether the daily deals business model is worth your investment & time or not.

Worth investment if

You are present in a virgin market – If daily deals fever has not yet reached the specific physical location you wish to target, then, investment is worth considering. The business concept is not popular in many developing & developed countries with strong internet user base.

If you have such a location in mind, then, investing in a deals website is a safe & profitable bet.

You are thinking local – In case your dream is not to compete with the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial, then, the business is safe for you. Carefully select your target audience (that is, merchants) and also focus on what kind of deals might interest final buyers. Carving a niche has benefited many deals websites and the formula can work for you as well.

Click here to start your daily deals business with bitFATdeals

You have a unique concept in mind – No matter how saturated the market is,there is always space for uniqueness. So, if you have a deals business idea that still hasn’t been put to practice, then, you have hit the jackpot.

You can solve real problems – Deal fatigue is something everyone receiving deals related emails can relate to. If you can come up with a unique way to handle it, you have a good chance to connect with final buyers. Similarly, creating tools to help merchants manage better can also help. Solving such issues will give your deals website an edge over others in the market.

Deals platforms can also act as a platform to introduce new businesses to people looking for new experiences & places to visit.

The discounted offer can be marketed as an ‘opening special’. This way, the business would have a better chance at dodging customer expectations of a discounted price on every visit. Such discounts can be similarly proposed on occasions like business anniversary and festive celebrations.

Bad investment if

You plan to be the same – There are hundreds of daily deals websites presently offering more or less the same kind of restaurant and spa deals. So, if yours will offer the same, gathering a user base would be pretty hard.

If you invest in a poor script- Settingup daily deals platforms have been made simple with scriptsbut building yours on a feature-scarce one will only bring trouble in the long run.

Similarly, a website that is not designed as per your needs will also act as a barrier. So, invest wisely when it comes to deals script. Visit link for further information.

Saying that daily deals model is flawed and it no longer holds the potential to make money would only be exaggeration. If you have the right and firm belief in the concept, you can make millions.

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CMS Web Developers in India

FATbit is a CMS development company India that has been creating CMS based platforms for global businesses & entrepreneurs for the past nine years.

FATbit – Expert Joomla, WordPress & Drupal Specialists

If you are having second thoughts about choosing content management system to build your website, then, here are some killer facts;

Spotify is completely built on WordPress

IKEA uses Joomla to power multiple country websites

CMS is not just about blogging; a powerful website can be created out of it if you have the right development partner.

We have been in the web design development business since 2004 and have seen the trio of Joomla, WordPress & Drupal evolve overtime. Our custom development experts know the three CMS platforms like the back of their hand.

In case the three popular platforms don’t appeal to you, we also have our own code libraries using which we can create a truly unique & feature rich website… Read More at Web Design Development Company India

Real Estate Website Design – What Your Designer Need to Know?

What are the most important elements to look for in a new real estate website?

What are you trying to achieve with your real estate website?

When designing a real estate web site, our Realtor clients want to provide a valuable resource to their clients and prospective clients.  They want to provide easy search functionality, large formats for photos, and quick access to their featured listings. These are all simple requests and easy to accomplish in a variety of formats.

…but what else should a real estate website have in order to serve a Realtor’s business and their clients?

We have helped Realtors optimize their existing websites and develop new websites for their business and we have found that there are specific features that every Realtor should require in their website.

If the site is taking too long to load, it’s just excessively nasty. Customers wouldn’t wait forever to check what your website offers when there are thousands more out there. It’s just about quick clicks; make sure your web pages load faster and are well optimized for important keywords...Read More

While our design tips support visitor engagement and easy real estate searching they also drive traffic through social media, digital marketing, and organic search results.  You do not have to spend a fortune to get a site that is optimized for the current visually oriented and highly informed real estate buyer.

Also check similar post: List of top real estate website design companies 2014

So, what should every real estate website include?

Optimized for Photography

FATbit Technologies - Web Design Firm

All real estate websites should be oriented around real estate photography. Make sure your site supports the use of high quality photos in slide shows and listings to allow for better property viewing.  Today’s buyers search properties extensively online before they pick up the phone to talk to a Realtor so help them out by giving them access to great pictures.

Visitor Registration

How your website bring more business to you?

Once a client or prospect gets to your site you want to encourage them to come back to your website and use your site as their online real estate home base.  All real estate websites should offer the ability for clients or prospects to register for updates on certain properties or alerts for new listings in certain towns.

Facebook Tab Integration


Social media is proving to be a wonderful playground for Realtor engagement with prospective clients, clients, and partners.  Providing easy access to your listings via your Facebook real estate business page (yes, this is good to have too!) ensures that you are giving your clients easy access to good information.

Community Pages

if you are also looking at getting the best mobile apps for your business, it is highly critical to find the best iPhone app developer. People are fast getting fanatic about iPhone usage by downloading and installing iPhone apps. ...Read More

Sites that provide quick searches for towns and communities make it easier for their visitors to find what they are looking for.  We encourage our Realtors to include community pages for every town in their area, which include all MLS listings and are numbered on a map and featured on the page.

Featured Listings Slideshow


This enables Realtors to highlight their own listings on their home page. Customizing a site to reflect your region and your listings will provide your clients with an easy view of what you have available and further markets your existing properties.

Search Engine Optimized

Daily Deal Script | Daily Deal Software FATbit Technologies is a web development firm . It has developed bitFATdeals, a feature-rich daily deals script...

Many websites today come with the SEO framework enabled but not completed.  The challenge is that Realtors are busy focusing on their own listings and their own clients and they don’t have time to learn how to optimize a site for SEO.  Make sure that the website you implement is search engine optimized for your towns, your region, and your name.  SEO is one of the most important things that your website MUST have to be found online.

Integrated Blog Functionality

Daily Deal System, Daily Deal Script

Writing a blog on your website is a fantastic way to increase your site’s Search Engine value and make sure your website comes up earlier in Google search results. Maybe you are not ready to commit to writing a blog, but if you’re getting a new website make sure you have a platform that supports blogging so that you have the option to blog in the future.

Having a visually pleasing website is one of the most important steps a Realtor can make for his or her business. The design process can be exciting as you define or refine your personal real estate brand and pick and choose the colors, images, and photography that reflect your style and what you believe will appeal to your clients.

Project management Software for your Business

A new website will help you tell your story and can help you attract new customers by being easy to use and visually appealing.  Your listings can be beautifully showcased and your communities can be well defined. All of this will help support you real estate business. As you enjoy the process, keep in mind the elements in this post so you can get the most out of your new site.

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FATbit Ecommerce Web Design Company Announces Success of Spanish Ecommerce Brand, Xopso

With FATbit design and development efforts, Xopso hit 100K users, 180k per month in sales, expanded to Mexico, and was nominated for the ‘best daily deals website’ award at Ecommerce Awards 2013, Spain.

Our web development prowess and industry experience made us the obvious choice for Xopso.

FATbit Technologies, a leading web design company India fatbit.com, believes in proving its dominance by bringing real and measurable benefits to its clients. Its most recent example is Xopso, the daily deals brand that benefited from design and development efforts of FATbit experts and grew its user base to 100K.

Xopso is a ‘deal of the day’ brand visited for big discount deals on high end products. Besides bringing one luring deal every day in each of its product categories, the brand packs various other exciting features… Read Full News on prweb