Start Daily Deal Business like Groupon, LivingSocial

If you are looking to start an online business like Groupon or LivingSocial then, we have some awesome helpful tips for you that publishes on official blog of FATbit Technologies.

Presently, thousands of websites are generating revenue from daily deals business model introduced by Groupon. The deal-of-the-day concept that Andrew Mason introduced in 2008 become a global phenomena. Even after so many years, it has not lost its sheen and entrepreneurs are still willing to invest in the deals idea.

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However, how to get started is a major challenge. There are so many deals scripts and clone providers beating the drums of affordability & superiority that it becomes impossible to find the best one. This resource will simplify the task for you if you want to create a daily deals website.

This detailed post will cover;

  • Why daily deals industry is worth investing?
  • What kind of daily deals websites are already active in the market?
  • Is competition with Groupon and LivingSocial inevitable?
  • What is best possible way to create a daily deals website?
  • What is the name of best daily deals script on web?
  • What is best technology for daily deal platform?

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Daily deals model

How Daily Deals Brands Keep Merchants & Buyers Happy?

Daily deal platforms are famous amongst buyers looking for greaDaily Deals Platformt deals and offers. Presently, there are various daily deals players in the market, and considering the same, it is business critical for daily deal brands to keep merchants & buyers happy. Here is how the owners of the best brands do it;

Giving critical insights to merchants

Merchants new to the deals based promotional campaigns usually have little knowledge about its working and requirements. It is up to the brand representatives to inform merchant about ground realities of running a deal. In the absence of such insights, merchant can build false hopes of windfall gains. For instance, daily deals are more about promotion and fresh footfalls than overnight profits. Beforehand update about the same will began business partnership on honest footing.

Helping merchants with arrangements

Running a deal is not all about spreading the news of a discount on web. It is also about making arrangements for the forthcoming queries and phone calls. In case staff at merchant address is unaware about the deal and doesn’t Daily Deal Systemrespond to queries in a convincing manner, serious damage could be inflicted on brand name. For similar reason, smart daily deal script owners patiently guide merchants about customer handling and inform them beforehand when deal goes live.

Keeping powerful functionality for buyers

Buyers like to be active on platforms that promise easy redeem and share options. Deals shoppers also like to buy from brand that bring powerful functionality. Daily deals platform owners promise all the mentioned by investing in a software that comes with rich functionality, social sharing buttons and quick buy options. If buyers don’t find the platform simple to navigate and buy from, they are going to switch loyalty sooner or later. So, to make buyers stay for the long term, platform owners invest in feature-rich feature-rich daily deal software.

By bringing unique deals

Along with exciting discounts, deal shoppers look for unique experiences. It is groupon website design up to the marketing & sales team of the brand to bring exciting deals for buyers to ensure loyalty and repeat purchases. No one likes the same boring deals again and again. To keep deals searchers happy, established deals brands keep marketing team on its toes to find new experiences for their customers.

Suggesting merchants to plan stocks

There are fair chances of stocks running out when a deal goes live and people find it fascinating. Hence, it is critical for businesses to plan ahead and build the infrastructure to cater customer inflow. It also needs to be ensured that regular customers don’t suffer due to the sudden demand.

A powerful daily deal aggregator script lays the groundwork for happy best-dealsmerchants and buyers. After building platform on such a script, platform owners need to take regular steps to build a loyal following and merchant base.

Establishing a daily deals brands is a breathtaking process but once it is done, sky is a limit in terms of revenues and growth.

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Breaking News For US Daily Deals Entrepreneurs

Daily deals entrepreneurs are always interested in information that can help them in taking the first steps in the competitive market. American market is especially very brutal when it comes to new entrants. With necessary statistics and estimates, one can easily determine where to begin operations to become the next Groupon or LivingSocial. Below are the answers to the questions that every daily deals entrepreneur ponders on. Conclusions are based on a recently concluded survey undertaken by a major firm, Slice.

Which deals are popular in which Metro?

Metro residents are deals savvy but their choices vary.

Let’s start with San Francisco. The financial and cultural center of Northern California is known for being tech obsessed and socially active. The deals that locals love are mostly related to sporting gear and MacWorld tickets.

We know Washington, D.C. adores food and perhaps that is why the survey has showed that locals love to explore different cuisine in local restaurants through daily deals.

Phoenix and Dallas on the other hand seems to be smitten by movie deals. The duo has bagged the title of purchasing the most number of movie tickets through deals than any other state in the country.

So, now you know what deals to focus on through your daily deal aggregator script if you wish to target any particular city.

Which cities are deals crazy?

It is best to start operations from a place where deals concept is well accepted. Setting up camp at a place where people scratch heads on the mention of daily deals is not worth the effort. So, here are cities that are most deals crazy.

San Francisco, CA is leading the race, with Washington, D.C. following closely. Out of every 10,000 residents, nearly 13 were found to be purchasing deals from service providers. For Washington, D.C., the number is near to 11. So, now, you know where to go with your daily deals software.

When do people buy deals?

According to the survey, some days are more deals friendly as compared to others. A deals seeker has more chances of shopping on Wednesday and Thursday as compared to Saturday and Sunday. So, this means that weekend is not the best time for online promotional efforts.

A smart businessman looking forward to enter the deals business can certainly make an effective use of the data mentioned above for determining initial markets setups and merchant types.

However, hard work will only fruity if you will have a mind blasting deals script at your disposal. It is only through a technically deft and feature laden script that you will be able to tap the market in the most effective manner. Don’t forget to go through available Groupon clone packages while searching for the best one.

As aforementioned, competition is cruel and only the smartest will live to see the future years. So, make wise use of the breaking news.

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Daily Deal System and Small Businesses

Big businesses have capital, experience, funds and customer base to help them grow at lightning place. However, the same are absent in case of new businesses. Because the business is new and hunger for growth is more, quality is usually superior. But sadly, resources to spread the word are limited. For such businesses, Groupon and its clones are perfect platforms to get the footfalls they deserve. Following points will make the fact more clear.

Entice customers with deals

As aforementioned, small businesses are high on quality; all they need are the necessary eyeballs and word-of-mouth. By joining hands with a daily deals Groupon clone, an entrepreneur can lure customers with discounted deals and related offers. Once customers get the taste of products on offer, a second visit is almost certain.

Better targeting

Targeting is a big issue with small businesses. By joining hands with Groupon and similar websites, one can make sure that only potential customers are contacted. Celebrated deals websites have millions of registered subscribers to which deals are sent on the basis of their tastes and preferences. Additionally, by highlighting a condition that deals goes live only after certain minimum orders are placed, small businesses can make sure that no losses are made.

Fast business expansion

The customer base which would otherwise have taken years to make could be achieved in much less duration with the help of deals websites. Another factor that works in favor of merchant or business is that there are a number of players in the deals market. Thus, by joining hands with multiple firms, one can reach widely different set of customers.

However, small businesses are not the only ones that are profiting from firms with daily deal aggregator script. Big established firm are also making use of the Groupon opportunities to outsmart their rivals and raise revenues in the short term.

Other Details

While all this is happening, the market of affordable Groupon clone script is also booming. Entrepreneurs are sure about the fact that they have mastered the Groupon idea and are willing to invest in scripts to run their own platforms. This has lead to the explosion of clones in the market specializing in different fields and experimenting with different marketing models.

While deals websites only ask for some percent of profits as charges, it is the merchant that gains the long term advantage. By attracting new footfalls through attractive discounts, products are introduced to new users. This mostly works in favor of the business if the deal is approached with proper planning and strategy.

Success Secret

One of the most important factors for the success of a deals based website is Groupon clone script. It has to be simple yet loaded with features so that it helps in enhancing user experience. Demand of such platforms has opened up a new market for software firms.

Groupon clone packages play an equally important role in attracting the attention of entrepreneurs willing to sail the waters of deals business.

So, be it small, medium or large businesses, the word is that Groupon clones are good for their growth.

FATbit Technologies is a web service company that offers Groupon clone script to entrepreneurs and businesses. Its e-commerce, merchant, CMS and deals features make it stand apart from its rivals.