Where to find the best Yipit Clone Script?

You need not go far to find best Yipit Clone Script, as FATbit offers you Yo!Deals, the easiest solution to build stores like Groupon, Livingsocial and Yipit. This clone script is complete in all respects and gives advantage to small business investors. It is the highly demanded platform to start a daily deals website that has all features of top portals. Web entrepreneurs around the world use Yo!Deals to sell online discounts, offers and shopping deals.



Yo!Deals offers you all essential features of top daily deals platform in one package. Following are the top highlights of Yo!Deals script packages:

  • The website owner can easily manage it.
  • Mobile friendly platform helps engage smartphone & tablet users too.
  • You can customize it as per unique needs.
  • The readymade website gets setup quickly.

Development cost

The development cost of setting up and running deals based websites vary from script to script. Yo!Deals as a clone script has reasonably priced packages that suit both big & small budgets. Using it, the development cost of Yipit like website will fall under two categories:

Ready-made Websites

A readymade setup of Yipit clone will cost you $499 (US). Your portal will include all essential features and come with a standard (default) design.

Custom Designed Websites

Custom package of Yo!Deals costs $4999 (USD) and includes unique web design made from scratch according to the needs of business.

The readymade website can be launched 2-3 days of buying turnkey solution of Yipit clone while the custom website may take 2-3 months as everything is planned & detailed first, and implemented thereafter.

To check more about the features of Yo!Deals, you can visit website or to discuss your business queries regarding daily deals website, consult FATbit experts.

Daily deals model

How Daily Deals Brands Keep Merchants & Buyers Happy?

Daily deal platforms are famous amongst buyers looking for greaDaily Deals Platformt deals and offers. Presently, there are various daily deals players in the market, and considering the same, it is business critical for daily deal brands to keep merchants & buyers happy. Here is how the owners of the best brands do it;

Giving critical insights to merchants

Merchants new to the deals based promotional campaigns usually have little knowledge about its working and requirements. It is up to the brand representatives to inform merchant about ground realities of running a deal. In the absence of such insights, merchant can build false hopes of windfall gains. For instance, daily deals are more about promotion and fresh footfalls than overnight profits. Beforehand update about the same will began business partnership on honest footing.

Helping merchants with arrangements

Running a deal is not all about spreading the news of a discount on web. It is also about making arrangements for the forthcoming queries and phone calls. In case staff at merchant address is unaware about the deal and doesn’t Daily Deal Systemrespond to queries in a convincing manner, serious damage could be inflicted on brand name. For similar reason, smart daily deal script owners patiently guide merchants about customer handling and inform them beforehand when deal goes live.

Keeping powerful functionality for buyers

Buyers like to be active on platforms that promise easy redeem and share options. Deals shoppers also like to buy from brand that bring powerful functionality. Daily deals platform owners promise all the mentioned by investing in a software that comes with rich functionality, social sharing buttons and quick buy options. If buyers don’t find the platform simple to navigate and buy from, they are going to switch loyalty sooner or later. So, to make buyers stay for the long term, platform owners invest in feature-rich feature-rich daily deal software.

By bringing unique deals

Along with exciting discounts, deal shoppers look for unique experiences. It is groupon website design up to the marketing & sales team of the brand to bring exciting deals for buyers to ensure loyalty and repeat purchases. No one likes the same boring deals again and again. To keep deals searchers happy, established deals brands keep marketing team on its toes to find new experiences for their customers.

Suggesting merchants to plan stocks

There are fair chances of stocks running out when a deal goes live and people find it fascinating. Hence, it is critical for businesses to plan ahead and build the infrastructure to cater customer inflow. It also needs to be ensured that regular customers don’t suffer due to the sudden demand.

A powerful daily deal aggregator script lays the groundwork for happy best-dealsmerchants and buyers. After building platform on such a script, platform owners need to take regular steps to build a loyal following and merchant base.

Establishing a daily deals brands is a breathtaking process but once it is done, sky is a limit in terms of revenues and growth.

FATbit Technologies is a web development firm dedicated to evolve modern business solutions. It has developed Yo!Deals, a feature-rich daily deals script that comes with custom design, 5 revisions and 12 month technical support.

Making Merchants Fall in Love With Your Daily Deals Platform

You have finally decided to enter the daily deals market and are ready to take on the biggies with your unique idea. While you may have taken care of all the technical and marketing aspects, there is one thing that needs your undivided FATbit Technologiesattention; that is your merchant base. If your merchants have a bad experience with first campaign, they will surely leave. Hence, making merchants fall in love with you can be the difference maker. Here is how to do it;

Inform them

While merchants with experience do know what it takes to cut a fair profit from a daily deal campaign, new ones are very much unclear about how the deals system works. Hence, they would very much appreciate help in getting a better understanding of the marketing model and how it works. By warning merchants beforehand about the type of traffic that can come, you can help them in being prepared for additional workload. Everyone appreciates information that comes handy, and deals business is no different.

Check sales cannibalization

Merchants mostly become part of daily deals setting to attract new footsteps to their business and earn loyal clientele. However, the same doesn’t happen as highly discounted deals on offer are sometimes availed by people who are Daily Deal Systemalready regular customers. This leads to sales cannibalization. Helpful functionality in the daily deal software to check such practices can benefit merchants greatly. Inclusion of some elements in the drafted advertisement can also check such cases.

Help in understanding buyer psychology

Deal buyers have their own pattern of purchase. Most prefer to redeem coupons close to the expiry date; initial month of the deal often doesn’t receive much of a redemption rush. Merchants are unaware of such peculiar characteristics of deal buyers and are sometimes caught off guard when the rush begins. Hence, being owner of the daily deal clone script on which their offerings will be listed, you can educate them about the psychology of deal buyers to help them be prepared and take better decisions.

Give them a powerful platform

Merchants too have to perform various tasks on the platform to manage their deals. If the platform lacks powerful functionality and doesn’t lend control in the hands of merchants, then, they might think before running another campaign on your platform. Considering merchants have endless number of websites ready to host their deal, you might end up losing. Hence, go for a daily deal script that comes with rich merchant functionality.

Groupon clone websites with unique design attracts both users and merchants. So, look for custom design feature when searching for daily deals script.Group Buying Sites
While some say daily deals business has lost its luster, the truth is that it has stabilized after going through a rapid phase of expansion. The chances of making a fortune in the business are still bright, considering you have a unique idea and plan in mind.

So, go for a function-rich Groupon deal script, give merchants a clear about the business, and make them fall in love with your daily deals platform.

bitFATdeals is a Groupon script clone from FATbit Technologies that comes with rich functionality and powerful merchant, admin and deals features. The company also offers custom design, 5 revisions and 12 month technical support with it.

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FATbit Revamps Its Daily Deals Section

It is inherent nature of seasoned web based companies to keep bringing something new for their visitors, customers and clients. FATbit too recently went ahead to do something similar for visitors interested in its daily deals script, bitFATdeals. The company has revamped its daily deals section entirely to give it a new look and feel with much simpler content and focus on graphics.

To make sure that visitors get complete clarity of the daily deals concept and how it works, the company included sections that thoroughly elucidate on critical industry specific elements. The section describes all the important parties that are involved, describes their roles and also highlights everything that the powerful script accomplishes for the website owner. The same simplifies the otherwise complicated concept of daily deals. A team member involved in the designing processes commented on the same;

“We were told that clients often came with half-baked knowledge about the daily deals concept. To make sure that clients are entirely clear about what the concept is all about and how group buying sites works, we started redesigning some of the pages to include engaging content through which the same is conveyed. If you will visit the pages, you will come across simpler though informative content, rich graphics and fair use of white space. Our target was to inform; not brag”

Besides the informative page highlighting crucial aspects of daily deals concept, the company has also given a facelift to ‘packages’ and ‘why group buying system’ page. While ‘packages’ page highlights features, package details, prices and also some important queries raised by clients, other focuses on group buying system, benefits of custom design and other important aspects.

The company also recently made provision for five revisions on custom design. This further enhanced the value of daily deal software that was already very luring for entrepreneurs. The company is confident that the recent changes will surely excite their visitors as well as clients. The same was reflected by a firm’s web expert;

“Our company is a serious player in the daily deals script market, and is trusted by global players for powerful platforms. Our clients’ expectations are very high and, everyday, FATbit team tries to meet them. The recent changes will surely help us in consolidating our dominance in the Groupon clone script market. I am sure that our new pages are going to engage visitors just the way our product features and offerings do”

FATbit Technologies is known for introducing such radical changes to enhance user experience and functionality. Recent additions only confirm its status as a leading web development company specializing in daily deals script.

Visit: http://www.fatbit.com/website-design-company/why-groupon-group-buying-system.html


FATbit Pitching Group Buying Concept to Small Businesses and Young Entrepreneurs

Group buying is a concept that can be shaped to explore different business models. A number of firms have been doing the same by being active in the fields as diverse as adventure and even consumer goods. FATbit Technologies is looking forward to attract the attention of such business minds and entrepreneurs to its group buying system. On the day of official announcement, head of web marketing stated that what Groupon started is now being experimented with in different fields with twists and turns. FATbit too thinks it is now time to explore new avenues.

Companies like FATbit fueled the growth of deals based platforms with their collective buying software. The market after seeing phenomenal growth in the last four years has started to stabilize and those how couldn’t cope up with the tough competition has left. However, this hasn’t stopped growth. Small businesses are now willing to eliminate the middlemen and directly deal with their customers. FATbit wishes to focus on such businesses along with entrepreneurs who think they have the right business concept to make a place for themselves. A management official confirmed the news during the occasion;

“We are trying to target an altogether new client base; businesses are willing to go online and reach to customers who are unaware of them. By making use of our daily deals Script, it is very much easy to lure customers through discount coupons. Customers who haven’t been in touch for some time could also be reached. Apart from small businesses, there are street-smart young minds who think they can perfect Groupon concept into something much better”

FATbit is preferred by clients for Group buying sites as it offers custom design with focus on features client wishes to have. Hence, client has the freedom to give his preference about the designing aspects. This flexibility has gained FATbit a loyal client base and it wishes to keep the similar focus while pitching for the new segment.

A specialized team of SEO and marketing experts has been made to undertake research work and submit the report as soon as possible. On the basis of findings, further targeting decisions would be made. Marketing team is very positive about the new approach as they often get related queries from aspiring businessmen.

Moreover, group buying is not the only field where the company is exploring new avenues. In the web designing and SEO fields too, there are plans to gain more focus.

FATbit has made a name in the global market by offering clients the best of designing, development and SEO. In its run of seven years, it has accurately identified the needs of the market and offered services with focus on quality. The company has expanded in terms of human resource and presently boasts of more than 50 professionals active in the fields of designing, development, SEO, quality control, content development and marketing.