Best & Low Cost Business Idea to Earn Money Online in 2015

There are plenty of options to earn money online but a business that can give best returns in low cost is still hard to find. If that’s the cause of your concern too, you are yet to explore the best money making option i.e. daily deals clone. Online daily deals sites are the upcoming business option for startups and entrepreneurs in 2015.

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Ecommerce industry is on the way to touch its zenith so the relevance of discounts deals and offers have increased lately. Hence earning from Groupon like sites is the best and low cost business idea in case you are looking to invest in a promising online business.

You can sell deals and offers of various merchants through your online portal and easily earn commission in return. The earnings made from sold deals are easy to track via admin account. There are many other features that help website owner manage everything.

Choose Yo!Deals to start a daily deals business quickly

Yo!Deals offers you quick to launch option at the nominal cost of $499. If want a readymade solution that enables you to start daily deals business within a day or two then Yo!Deals is the best clone to invest. Few of its highlights include:start daily deals website

  • Quick setup with default design
  • 2-48 hours’ timeframe to get launched
  • 1 month after sales support

It has all the essential features of leading daily deals sites that help promote discount offers and coupons online. The maker of Yo!Deals is an established web development agency, FATbit that serves globally for complete web support. Following businesses are running successfully using Yo!Deals:

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Yo!Deals also offers custom design for portals that have extended requirements. If you have specific requirements and want to create a new website from scratch, you can buy our custom package. It comes with 1 year after sales support and meets premium quality standards of daily deals sites.

Start your daily deals business today to make earnings online. To discuss your queries and requirements regarding it, you can contact our development support.


Daily deals business- A necessity for future markets

The momentous rise in daily deals industry appeared in 2010 when Groupon reached the mark of catering 150 markets. Since then, many biggies entered and left the market which created an off-putting buzz about daily deals business.

To understand the real picture however, we need to ascertain factors that are closely related to daily deals business. There are basically two parties which get adjoined via daily deals site; namely, service provider/merchant and buyer. Understanding their role is important because the benefits they receive ensure the future of daily deals business.

best-dealsService provider/merchant – The merchant offering discounts gets more visitors by running offers via daily deals sites. When a customer arrives at a site to redeem his coupon, he gets to know about more products/services available there. More avenues of sales can be opened if a seller can offer up-selling too. Thus, it can develop into a dependable marketing tool of future.

The Buyer – There is nothing more pleasurable for a shopper than a discount. Buyers routinely look for online deals whether they are about to dine out, visit a salon or shop online. Hence, it would be wrong to assume that daily deals users are just going to vanish from the market.

Deals business is here to stay

Rising competition among brands force them to sustain business using various marketing strategies. Beginners just starting their journeys depend heavily on promotional activities like offering deals and discounts.

Get DealDeveloping new group of customers is the prime motive of such offers and this is not going to change very soon.

What makes a daily deal business successful?

If you wish to invest in a deals venture, then, target a niche and move ahead in a planned way. With market expansion, daily deals have emerged as an effective marketing device for all including small businesses, big vendors, and wholesalers to attract more customers. Thus, the future of this business is certain if you have a constructive plan in your mind.

Daily DealMany deals sites are presently active in the business and several new are up for the launch. Coming up with a new daily deals idea for online business is not difficult if you can take the challenge of being different. You can limit your market to a specific segment or target consumers geographically.

Make your offers look as much different as you can. Usage of smartphones and social platforms to channelize users is another tactic that can be brought into play.

Your biggest and foremost concern while initiating a daily deal business should be to invest in a powerful deals platform that allows you to manage deals effectively. Go for a daily deals script that makes merchant and buyer management a plain sailing task.

bitFATdeals is a popular script used by global entrepreneurs to build deals platforms. Investing in a deals website could earn you big dollars if you come up with a unique idea and plan.

FAQs from Daily Deals Entrepreneurs

Daily deals business is not a new phenomena; Groupon mastered the formula and went on to become billion dollar company. A lot has changed in the deals market in the last five years but still the business model attracts entrepreneurs with unique ideas. That said, setting up a web business – daily deals business particularly – brings unique set of challenges. Below are answers to some questions that occupy minds of daily deal entrepreneurs;Facebook-Buttons-1-10-

What type of offers get listed on daily deals websites?

Groupon is known for listing health, fitness and beauty related deals for its rich female clientele. In the past couple of years though, deals related to tourism, hospitality and restaurants are gaining prominence. Not long ago, Groupon launched Groupon Goods that brings offers on electronics, home, personal care, toys and apparels. The business model can accommodate anything you want to sell.

So, sky is the limit with a feature rich group buying script.

Is daily deals industry losing sheen?

Glory of Groupon, its meteoric rise, and mushrooming of similar platforms all over the world gdeal-featuresave rise to speculations that the business model is faulty. When Groupon tumbled due to accounting issues, such rumors gained more hype. But the truth is that daily deals business still has a lot of potential for new ideas and experimentation. Young entrepreneurs are still coming in and carving a niche for themselves in hospitality, tourism and secret deals.

Do only small businesses act as merchants?

Joining hands with small businesses as merchants is a very distinguishing feature of deals business system. However, it is not true that only small stores and services providers run deals. Big brands like Star Bucks also gain business momentum from such offers. It all depends on how your sales and marketing team can get merchants and big brands on board.

What role do social media play?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have replaced word-of-mouth communication. Some of the most successful brands reward their registered users for sharing deals with friends and loved ones. Benefits are psocial-mediaassed to users if people referred by them make a purchase. So, social media helps deal platforms in adding to their subscription base and power business growth.

Which party- merchants, buyers or platform owners – benefits the most?

All the parties participating in the daily deals setup receive business benefit.

Merchants get new footfalls, operate at their full capability and raise sales as well as profits.

Buyers get high quality products and services at discounted price. They also get the opportunity to explore new outlets and service providers.

Platform owners get predetermined sales share from merchants.

Affiliates generate business for the platform and are rewarded in various ways by the owner. So, it can be said that every party benefits according to effort and investment made.

New deals platforms are still coming up but very few have powerful functionality and engaging ideas to engross web users. These two elements can make or break a deals platform.vouchers

So, make sure your deals platforms bring strong deals, merchant and admin features along with a killer look.

bitFATdeals is a daily deals script developed by FATbit Technologies. The web development company not only packs powerful features in the group buying script but also makes provision of custom design, 5 revisions and 12 month technical support.

bitFATdeals – Advanced Daily Deals Script for Web Entrepreneurs

The way people looked for discounts changed after Groupon mastered the daily deals business model. Nowadays, deals platforms dominate the discounted products and services market. The same growth possibilities are making web entrepreneurs invest in daily deals platforms. And bitFATdeals is what investors are choosing to build their group buying platforms.

It is an advanced Groupon clone script that comes with simple yet powerful interface for performing deals, merchant, affiliate and user related tasks. By offering scope of customization, bitFATdeals gives platform owners the independence to work on branding aspects.

Celebrated amongst its buyers for having the best group buying site design, websites based on bitFATdeals script have a competitive edge over others in the market.

So, bitFATdeals is what your deals business idea requires to write a web success story.