Recommendations to Build Successful Venture out of Group Buying Portal

Setting up a deals based website could be very exciting if you succeed in delivering best customer experience. The charm of discount offers and online coupons will never fade away. Hence chances of earning are bright if you are thinking to start a new venture based on similar revenue model.


While you plan to join daily deals market, following recommendations can help your business compete with the existing giants like Groupon, LivingSocial & Yipit.

Set Realistic Goals- Feasible & Achievable

Define your goals wisely and clearly. By goals, here we mean how you are going to drive target customers and who is your target audience at first place. The challenge has widened with increasing number of daily deals websites, targeting all products/services. So, if you plan today to start group buying business, better start with a plan for niche market. It will cut down the improbabilities & risk factors thereby making you goals achievable & securing profits.

Setting your goals judiciously will also help choose best daily deals system to build a platform that both merchants and customers will love to use.

Deals Promotion- Build this plan beforehanddeals website

The level of income of a daily deals portal depends on how a site promotes its deals. So make sure in development phase only that your site is built search engine friendly, has easy CMS option, comes with social media integration and is flexible enough to meet ascendable needs of online deals industry. Choose a daily deals builder that can suffice these varied needs and offers room for custom functionality.

Set your scale of investment

Beginning with small scale is advisable for new businesses. You can build a daily deals site for local merchants using ready-to-launch solution. It will save your initial cost and when you realize that your portal has captured a significant share of daily deals customers, you can upgrade it using custom website development. The additional money you have right now can be utilized for marketing your site and creating sources to attract online shoppers.

Daily deals websites earn great provided you offer users a reason to spend on your vouchers. To make this business successful, you need to build a blueprint of all factors including, design, customer segmentation, technology to be used for development, merchants/vendors to be invited etc. Only after you give space to these considerations, you can rest assured of success in daily deals industry.

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List of Daily Deal Websites powered by Yo!Deals

Yo!Deals is a daily deals clone script used globally by various big & small online businesses. Websites powered by Yo!Deals are among the top selling platforms and score high on popularity too. Invest in Yo!Deals, if you want to start an online business as it promises high returns with low investment. Read about the Groupon clones built using Yo!Deals below.

Qpon – Belgian Daily Deals Website

Qpon is one of the top brands of daily deals industry that is developed using the turnkey solution of Yo!Deals. It is a Belgium based company that sells discounted products and vouchers.


Zabetna – Daily Deals Portal

Zabetna has launched a local daily deals platform with the help of Yo!Deals. Also developed using the readymade solution, this website ranks high among the favorite deals portals of online shoppers. There are few more features added to this site like manual guide.


Nyanfu Deals- A Nigerian Daily Deals System

Nyanfu is a Nigeria based website that sells discount deals of local restaurants, spas and places of interest. This store is custom designed by FATbit and is running successfully in its locality.


More daily deals websites created by FATbit, the makers of Yo!Deals are following:

Yo!Deals offers you two distinct options to invest in online business. You can build a store like above-mentioned websites with small investments using turnkey solution of Yo!Deals. It will cost you just $499. For big business investment, there is custom package that offers a new daily deals website developed from scratch. For more details visit

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Most Frequently Asked Daily Deals Related Questions

Groupon and LivingSocial are household brands nowadays but not everyone knows what it takes to make such a website. It is quite natural for entrepreneurs who wish to enter the daily deals business to be full of questions and doubts. Finding the right answers to some of the most important daily deals related questions is critical for informed business decisions. So, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about daily deals platforms and how to establish them;

Are daily deals system and online shop similar?

People often assume that daily deals systems are similar to online ecommerce platforms. This is obviously incorrect. Daily deals platform works on the business model in which the deal goes live only after predetermined number of people signup for the offer. However, in case of online shop, products are Daily Deals Platformavailable for purchase at any time of the day and don’t require minimum signups. Both are based on different business models, and confusion about the two, if not treated, can be lead to bad investment.

Can I sell anything on daily deals platform?

Daily deals are usually related to hospitality, health, fitness and beauty markets. Groupon has recently entered in the physical product field with Groupon Goods but only after dominating the coupons-and-certificate industry for some years. Hence, it cannot be assumed that literally anything can be sold through a daily deals platform. Discounted certificates make the focus of a deals platform but one can bring a twist in the marketing model by going custom with daily deal software. This can be accomplished by choosing a script from a seasoned web development firm prepared to introduce requested changes.

Is it wise to buy a standard script and make changes?

It is wise if you are well versed in web design and development processes. However, if you are not, getting a standard script and running experiments could be a risky idea. In case you have a trusted business partner who can handle the script changes, even then, standard script can serve the purpose. That said, it is always better to tread the safe path and partner with a firm that offers custom Groupon clone software. This makes the platform as per your vision and requirements.

How much does a daily deals script costs?

A powerful feature-rich deals script can cost anything between $500 and $10,000. Along with the price tag, one should also consider the additional support that come with it. Custom design, technical support for bugs & errors, and number of revisions are important elements to look for. A Groupon buying system on sale with such provisions means that the development firm knows what it takes to make a truly global deals platform.

Of course these are not the only questions that occupy the mind of deals enthusiasts; there are plenty more including enquiries about the best deals script. To answer this, there is no such thing as the best deals script.

Whatever suits your needs is possibly the best.

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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Evolving Daily Deals Players and a Lot More

The daily deals concept is not new; ask anyone walking on the street and he will be able to tell what Groupon and LivingSocial are all about. Interestingly, the competition is not all about deals anymore; service providers are looking for new ways to generate revenues and keep the momentum of growth.

Groupon, the company that started it all, recently purchased Savored. Savored offers discounts to its users when reservations were made on a specified time. The New York based company has partnerships with major restaurants of the region. Other recent ventures of Groupon include Groupon Goods, Rewards and Groupon Payments. This shows that besides churning money from daily deals system, companies are also considering other sources of income.

LivingSocial is another firm that is experimenting with new service offerings. It recently disclosed that it is planning to assist small businesses with digital marketing, customer loyalty and point-of-sale operations. Hiring processes for the same has begun and it has been reported that a former PayPal executive will be running the show.

Interestingly, Groupon and LivingSocial are not the only two that are going ahead to explore new avenues. Numerous entrepreneurs are starting with group buying system that can make them unique in the market. With websites supported with powerful script and creative ideas, such new players are really making a difference in the market with their offerings.

Social media is another area where daily deals players strike the right chords. Facebook and Twitter are very much being used to promote deals and sharing amongst locales. Deals platforms are also playing crucial role in the same by offering the scope of easy sharing.

While this was all about companies that are operating on daily deals concept, contribution of web development firms that are providing Groupon clone packages to the budget clients is worth noticing. Prospects of daily deals entrepreneurs could become seriously limited if one doesn’t have a powerful script at hand. So, it can be said that developers of such scripts should be given credit of their hard work.

Groupon and LivingSocial are surely leading the diversification game in the market but startup firms are also not lagging behind. By bringing local twist to the daily deals ideas, startup entrepreneurs are also changing the rules. So, it can be concluded that there is plenty more to come in the daily deals game.

So, better keep your eyes open!

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