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Effective Deals Management

Adding, deleting and replacing deals is the easiest thing to do if your website is built on Yo!Deals. Merchants can easily update deals as frequently as required. Flexibility and quickness are two major highlights of Yo!Deals’ system.

Effortless Merchant Management

Merchant management is an essential feature of a daily deals site but making it effortless is the biggest challenge for any system. If you choose Yo!Deals, you will be greeted with its immensely painless merchant management system that allows keeping track of merchant’s location, sales, accounts and other details.

Easy Product Management

The best thing about Yo!Deals is that you can sell products too on a website based on it. Its multivendor functionality allows easy updating of products and gives enough freedom to merchants for managing and selling products through your daily deals portal.

Yo!Deals is easy to manage, user-friendly and cost-effective. It includes all essential features that make coupons selling easier and profitable. Being developed as per search engine norms, this daily deals system is search friendly, and assures of maximum search traffic.

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Start Daily Deal Business like Groupon, LivingSocial

If you are looking to start an online business like Groupon or LivingSocial then, we have some awesome helpful tips for you that publishes on official blog of FATbit Technologies.

Presently, thousands of websites are generating revenue from daily deals business model introduced by Groupon. The deal-of-the-day concept that Andrew Mason introduced in 2008 become a global phenomena. Even after so many years, it has not lost its sheen and entrepreneurs are still willing to invest in the deals idea.

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However, how to get started is a major challenge. There are so many deals scripts and clone providers beating the drums of affordability & superiority that it becomes impossible to find the best one. This resource will simplify the task for you if you want to create a daily deals website.

This detailed post will cover;

  • Why daily deals industry is worth investing?
  • What kind of daily deals websites are already active in the market?
  • Is competition with Groupon and LivingSocial inevitable?
  • What is best possible way to create a daily deals website?
  • What is the name of best daily deals script on web?
  • What is best technology for daily deal platform?

So, let’s get started!…. Read Continue on FATbit Blog

Daily Deals Future & Possibilities for 2013

Year 2012 brought numerous changes in the daily deals market. Groupon, still a dominating name in the market, witnessed some accounting hassles; various new daily deals platforms came and various tectonic shifts were also noticed. slider-1So, the concluding year was a kind of mixed bag for daily deals market. Lessons learnt from the past will certainly shape the daily deals future & possibilities for 2013. So, let get to know what the year might bring, betting on ideas that have gained popularity;

Paper will be passé, plastic & mobile will become popular

Paper vouchers will become a thing of the past; card-linked offers will gain popularity. Mobile-based redemption models like Passbook and Google Wallet are rapidly gaining acceptance and no one would be surprised if usage of paper vouchers would entirely disappear within the next four-five years. Smart phones usage has skyrocketed and mobile based redemption platforms are betting money on the fact that the trend will not reverse. There are strong reasons to believe the same with Apple and Samsung selling like hotcakes.

Uniqueness will still prosper

The glitter that Groupon carried at the very beginning has long faded away. Having tie-ups with some local merchants and handful of deals on a website doesn’t work any longer. Upcoming Groupon clone websites realize this Groupon Cloneand thus come with a unique business pitch. Groupon itself has started treading a different road with Groupon Goods and Getaways. In the same way, there are secret deals for big brands, adventure deals and gender specific deals. So, the upcoming year will also bring similar experiments from the daily deals aspirants.

More will disappear

The glitter might have diminished but the dollar glow that surrounds the deals business has not faded yet. Entrepreneurs are still hopeful that they can make a place in the deals market and to a certain extent they are right to believe in the potential of a smart Groupon clone. However, not everyone will be able to sustain in the market for long run. Hence, the news will keep coming about one or the other daily deals player leaving the market.

Deals will be married with advertising

Quite recently, daily deals market has also garnered interest from advertisers to introduce new products and get rid of excess inventory. Physical display advertising asks for a lot of monetary investment; even digital one doesn’t Daily Deal Softwarecome cheap. In such a scenario, if a web user can be lured into to take notice of something good in the form of daily deal, it can be win-win scenario for advertisers. Modern daily deal software offer scope for the same if one is open to experimentation and new ideas.

Growing popularity of dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing was limited to airline sector but has now started showing signs of emergence in retail too. Amazon is a fine example for it. The concept has potential to garner interest from a deals platform owner and finding its way in the daily deals aggregator script but it is still to be found how buyers will receive it.

So, these are the points that may thread the web for ‘daily deals ideas’ related searches in the year 2013.

bitFATdeals is a dynamic daily deals platform that comes with rich deals, merchant, admin and CMS features. Developed by FATbit Technologies (http://www.fatbit.com), the script is on offer with custom design, 5 revisions and 1-Year technical support.

Group Buying Sites’ Mounting Mania

With discount deals thronging the market in the past few years, Groupon clones have made a swift way through the hallways of eCommerce. Daily deal concept has become such a fad that it led to a flurry of ‘me too’ websites offering such bulk order discounts. From spas to home facials, from two for one pizza deal to home insurance, Group buying websites have offered it all. But then not all seem to be ideally right. As a customer, you must be wary of the kind of deals you purchase and the offering source as well.

Who wouldn’t want to score on a really great deal? And have a big bang for a buck?

Since it is considered to be an out of the box business model, a large percentage of businesses have already started adopting daily deal software. Companies are in a rush to harness the power of Groupon’s concept and emulate its idyllic business strategy. And as we always mention, who doesn’t like getting hefty discounts for some crazy little pennies? Hence this cost saving scheme has done some gangbusters. This is an enterprise that thinks good for people even in economic downturn, hence it has done so well so far and is likely to stick around for as long as there is demand and desires.

But, out of some 3000 daily deal websites, who is mainstream? How would you know? You can never go wrong with an expert that’s been around and ruling online charts for about a decade, has diverse demographics, provides exceptional customer service and of course offers top the line exciting deals.

bitFATdeals has been one of the best strategically and functionally advanced choice for all daily deals portal owners, merchants and buyers. FATbit Groupon clone insists on robust back up, reliable recovery system, embedded security certifications and round the clock customer support.

So all you dot com investors, with bitFATdeals, a leading group buying script, you have the right advantage in the daily deal market. We are not just providers, but partners who understand your deal marketing requirements like no other. So, all you money conscious web enthusiasts REJOICE! Here is a deal idea that gets you the best deals in town.

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FATbit Revamps Its Daily Deals Section

It is inherent nature of seasoned web based companies to keep bringing something new for their visitors, customers and clients. FATbit too recently went ahead to do something similar for visitors interested in its daily deals script, bitFATdeals. The company has revamped its daily deals section entirely to give it a new look and feel with much simpler content and focus on graphics.

To make sure that visitors get complete clarity of the daily deals concept and how it works, the company included sections that thoroughly elucidate on critical industry specific elements. The section describes all the important parties that are involved, describes their roles and also highlights everything that the powerful script accomplishes for the website owner. The same simplifies the otherwise complicated concept of daily deals. A team member involved in the designing processes commented on the same;

“We were told that clients often came with half-baked knowledge about the daily deals concept. To make sure that clients are entirely clear about what the concept is all about and how group buying sites works, we started redesigning some of the pages to include engaging content through which the same is conveyed. If you will visit the pages, you will come across simpler though informative content, rich graphics and fair use of white space. Our target was to inform; not brag”

Besides the informative page highlighting crucial aspects of daily deals concept, the company has also given a facelift to ‘packages’ and ‘why group buying system’ page. While ‘packages’ page highlights features, package details, prices and also some important queries raised by clients, other focuses on group buying system, benefits of custom design and other important aspects.

The company also recently made provision for five revisions on custom design. This further enhanced the value of daily deal software that was already very luring for entrepreneurs. The company is confident that the recent changes will surely excite their visitors as well as clients. The same was reflected by a firm’s web expert;

“Our company is a serious player in the daily deals script market, and is trusted by global players for powerful platforms. Our clients’ expectations are very high and, everyday, FATbit team tries to meet them. The recent changes will surely help us in consolidating our dominance in the Groupon clone script market. I am sure that our new pages are going to engage visitors just the way our product features and offerings do”

FATbit Technologies is known for introducing such radical changes to enhance user experience and functionality. Recent additions only confirm its status as a leading web development company specializing in daily deals script.

Visit: http://www.fatbit.com/website-design-company/why-groupon-group-buying-system.html


FATbit Finalizing Aesthetic Changes On Its Daily Deals Section

Internet has become an important part of everybody’s life. People are spending their maximum time on internet just to communicate with the loved ones and to entertain themselves. Apart from this, they are busy in online shopping and in grabbing the best deal of the day. Daily deals script has changed the behavior of online buyers and has revolutionized the way of shopping. Entrepreneurs are taking keen interest in this business of daily deal and they are making groupon clones to become a tycoon on cyber world. Understanding the increasing demand, FATbit Technologies has gained immense expertise in developing clone scripts. The company has a team of industry’s best minds that possess thorough knowledge of the domain. In a recent meeting, senior officials of the company discussed the growing popularity and demand of daily deal platform. The company management has decided to direct their efforts towards marketing and developing its high quality daily deal scripts as per the latest market demands and to offer best groupon clone packages.

The senior marketing head has stated, “we are the prominent name in the industry offering complete web solutions to clients present all over the globe. The company will now focus on expanding its daily deals script business. Presently, we are enlisted among the best daily deal platform developers. One of the reasons behind our success is the dedicated efforts of our talented team which is highly experienced. Moreover, we possess hi-tech facilities and technologies allowing us to perform our tasks efficiently and promptly.”

Company has reached the zenith of success in the field of developing Daily Deals Aggregator Script. It keeps itself up-to-date in terms of technology and design for developing clone scripts. Company always gives importance to user friendly navigations, attractive graphics and technically sound shopping cart software to manage all the deals perfectly.

FATbit is looking forward with positive attitude and is working hard to secure a top niche in the field of developing scripts & clone living social . The senior officials quoted, “we have already earned a reputed name in the particular domain. Now the time has come to reach new heights in offering most innovative and developed daily deal software solutions. Research and development team is assigned with a task to explore new advancements in the concerned domain in order to provide a high quality services to the clients. The designing team has decided to add more graphics in order to gain maximum client attraction. The main aim is to render maximum information about the products just in a glance”

Incepted in the year 2004, FATbit Technologies is consistently increasing its client base by offering quality services at affordable prices. The company is committed to render highest level of satisfaction to its clients. Apart from daily deal scripts the company is instrumental in offering web designing, developing, programming and maintenance and SEO services.

For more details:-

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